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Kamika Idom out indefinitely; I wasn't escorted anywhere

Sophomore guard Kamika Idom, FIU's first off the bench, is out indefinitely with a knee injury. FIU could've used her in Thursday's 70-68 loss to North Texas. The Panthers looked ponderous against backcourt pressure applied by a small and not very quick lineup.


Nobody escorted me off campus. Nobody asked that I leave campus. Nothing of the sort happened at all.

The table and chair in The Fieldhouse lobby at which I had been quietly sitting and working several days, engaging in conversation with those who wished to do so, mysteriously disappeared the other day. And a couple of other strange things happened. And I do think some questions I'm asking and people I'm talking to have given folks flippy-flip stomachs.

But I have not been harrassed on campus in anything close to the dramatic fashion described in a few of your posts. Thanks for the concern, though.


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They took a brotha's chair? What they scared of David? Careful with the word "escort." Might make Pete and the chairman Maury nervous...

You want the truth, FIU fans? You really want the truth? YOU CAN''T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

David Neal asks: Maury, did you order the Code Red on Cristobal?

You are damn right I ordered the Code Red. I would do it again. Do you know what it's like to have tens of thousands of pretty young coeds ready to shoot glances at you from a couple hundred yards? Do you? And to have Cristobal run them out because he says he's got ethics?

Aren't they concerned about DJ Neal?


Did you see that part in PG's contract that says he is allowed to take up to 5 guests to all away football games, lodging/food/transportation?

So, the question now is, can evidence be found that his guests are getting extra benefits from public funds outside of the contractual obligations in PGs contract?

Again you may need to hire Charles Robinson to audit every receipt.

Got to say, Buc Nasty, that was funny!

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