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Kamika Idom out indefinitely; I wasn't escorted anywhere

Sophomore guard Kamika Idom, FIU's first off the bench, is out indefinitely with a knee injury. FIU could've used her in Thursday's 70-68 loss to North Texas. The Panthers looked ponderous against backcourt pressure applied by a small and not very quick lineup.


Nobody escorted me off campus. Nobody asked that I leave campus. Nothing of the sort happened at all.

The table and chair in The Fieldhouse lobby at which I had been quietly sitting and working several days, engaging in conversation with those who wished to do so, mysteriously disappeared the other day. And a couple of other strange things happened. And I do think some questions I'm asking and people I'm talking to have given folks flippy-flip stomachs.

But I have not been harrassed on campus in anything close to the dramatic fashion described in a few of your posts. Thanks for the concern, though.


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