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Killian LB Jordan Gibbs makes it 16.

Of FIU's full complement of 25 scholarships, 16 players have put in reservations. Nine left. One will be a quarterback and at least one will be a running back.


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Is Dennis Smith being retained in an off field position? I heard rumors that this was his last week at FIU- could it be that he is just officially moving off-field this week???

Considering not even Marshall offered him, great get!

Welcome to FIU Jordan!

I see DJN's strip club post (which IS pretty funny) has been picked up by USA Today. Get ready to hear it from all those put-upon Canes fans, fellow blogetantes. After Turner gets finished clarifying matters with his troops, there may still some guys from the Bible Belt we can recruit.

DNJ, can you please post the full list of 16?

DJN - Will there be any scholarships offered to previous walk-on players that have put it all on the line and proven themselves? Woudl those count in the 25 scholarship number? Also, staff will need to reel these kids in, already two expisodes of poor judgement by players that have had to be addressed with new coaching staff. You can expect to be able to treat these kids like NFL players, God knows some of them don't make the best decisions either. Gotta lower the boom before possible sanctions come down. Not saying that NCAA will do anything about this matter. Time will tell.

Hey southpaw, why don't you read the paper if you want the list? Geez! You can just jump right to the story from this Site. Also fiublue, what makes you think that anything has been done that merits NCAA sanctions? Djn's story is funny but I don't yet see any beef inside this bun.

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