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Money & Laundering

Just throwing out contract comparison numbers for the present and past football coaches. Ron Turner's not costing FIU much more money than Mario Cristobal would have this year. Of course, Turner's most recent track record as a head coach ended when Michael Vick still could hum "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?" without drawing sidelong glances.

The pool of money for assistant coaches is supposed to remain the same as last year, then rise thereafter

Base salary

Turner: $500,000

Cristobal: $453,183


Turner: Five years, running out in January, 2018.

Cristibal Endng in June, 2017



Turner: $50,000 each mar. 1

Cristobal: $25,000 each June 30


Turner: $25,000 for over 940

Cristobal: $15,000 for over 940 (raised from $10,000 by the extension)


Turner: $25,000 for over 2.5

Cristobal: $15,000 for over 2.5 (raised from $10,000 by the extension)

Wins Conference Outright or Conference Championship Game

Turner: $20,000

Cristobal: $20,000 (added by extension)

Bowl Game Participation

Turner: $20,000

Cristobal: $20,000 (raised from $10,000 by the extension)

Wins Bowl Game

Turner: $10,000

Cristobal: $10,000

Conference Coach of the Year

Turner: $10,000

Cristobal: $10,000

Hey, I don’t have that!

Turner: $10,000 for participating in a conference championship game. Of course, there was no conference title game in the Sun Belt.

Cristobal: $15,000 for being ranked in the final USA Today/Coaches Top 25 poll. Added at the last extension.


You can bet the official FIU bio for linebackers coach Tom Williams holds to the facts as closely as his resume did this time. Williams might still be Yale's head coach had both been the case there.

Instead, Williams resigned in 2011 after three seasons. The New York Times found that his resume claim of being a Rhodes Scholar candidate, repeated on his official Yale biography on the web site and presumably the media guide, was false. Also false was a claim on his Yale biography that he spent a season as a free agent San Francisco 49ers linebacker.

Williams spent last season at UTEP coaching the secondary. Now, after a mass staff change there following the 2011 season, he comes to FIU. Before being head coach for the Yalies he had been a defensive coordinator at Stanford, Hawaii and San Jose State, associate head coach at Stanfod and linebackers assistant with the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars.

But now Williams is at FIU putting time and distance between the Fibs and Now. He's doing the same thing Bobby Petrino's doing at Western Kentucky on a smaller scale. Williams just got caught fibbing. Petrino got caught fibbing in a bouillabaisse of motorcycle, ex-volleyball player legs and a state university job (thus, state university money).

The sad thing is Williams has a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from Stanford. He played there. He went on to some all right coaching gigs. He has a wife, kids and two degrees from the school with the most envied athletic-academic combination in the country. Impressive enough. Why try sprucing that up?

Embellishing on top of Williams actual accomplishments is the equivalent of going for a fake punt on fourth and 22 from your own 25 with a couple of minutes and change left in a game you're leading 10-7. Oh, wait, Williams did that, too. At Yale. Against Harvard. Harvard stopped the fake short, then won 14-10.





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