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Mirabal to Marshall; other Qs get As; another commit

Former FIU coach Mario Cristobal's associate coach, offensive line coach and best friend Alex Mirabal will be coming back to FIU next year...on Marshall's sideline. He'll be their offensive line coach.

Good for him. I liked dealing with him and his players seemed to really like him.

Some people wondered why Ron Turner didn't keep Mirabal around as he could use someone with local ties, having little of his own. That was never going to happen. Mirabal chose Cristobal to be the best man at his wedding -- over his five brothers. That's how tight those two are. After the bad feelings created by Cristobal's firing, there was no way Mirabal would stay at FIU.

As for Signing Day, I think FIU's trying to put something together to be done in the lobby of U.S. Century Bank Arena.

As for my previous post...this is from the FIU Student Host Form from the packet of forms that accompanies each official visit by an athlete:

  • You may not entertain the prospective student-athlete by attending a gentleman’s club or providing an opportunity for a sexual encounter (e.g., strip club, escort service, etc.).

There's a few other warnings, policies, etc. that could apply here, but that's the most direct one.


Busy Sunday after a weekend of visits. Slot wide receiver Shug Oyegunle, 5-11, 170 out of Tampa Gaither announced his decommitment from Ball State and commitment to FIU. Saw that coming from, oh, about the distance from my South Beach home to Muncie.

Ball State's got a nice campus and Muncie's an all right town. But if you're FIU and you can't get a Tampa kid you want out of Ball State's clutches, brush up the resume and hope Starbucks is hiring.

That gives FIU 15 commits by my count. Turner said this year he'd have the full complement of 25 scholarrships. And he also said he had no transfer requests pending from last year's players.


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Congrats Coach Mirabal.

Nice on new commit! Welcome to FIU Oyegunle!

Welcome to FIU, Shug!

So is that an FIU policy or an NCAA policy? This hasn't been the best of winters for FIU football. Great news for Coach Mirabal. Always enjoyed watching him coach. I definitely understand why he didn't get retained but what about Coach Ponce? From what I knew, he was the main recruiter for Dade County. He was the Sun Belt recruiter of the year a few years back. Also, thought the WRs did a nice job towards the end of the season.

Smart, make your boss the best man at your wedding. Bring him an apple every day to the job. Have him coffee ready at his desk every day.

My morning read has been more eventful than usual and I can't say I'm shocked. First, congrats to Mirabal glad to see him land on his feet. Second, the strip club mess is just stupid. If the packet specifically says that strip clubs are not allowed you would think the FIU staff would do a better job of educating the players. I see this as something that could have been avoided. Probably won't end up being a big deal just not what we need right now!

In 2006 New Mexico suspended three players for going to strip club with recruits.It was reported again in 2010 at Mississippi State (SEC)...But, I find nothing that says its a violation of NCAA rules.

The fiu seniors were recruted under those same rules so they were familiar.

It appears to be a non ncaa issue and one that will be handled in house.

The few conversations my wife and I had with Coach Mirabal, we thought the guys was amazing. He always coaches with energy, and I has done a great job with the OL (even on his weaker years).. Wish him the very best!

Go Panthers!

Or, maybe, Blue&GoldHeart, they were actually friends. I'm sure that's something you don't know anything about, so I'll give you a pass

Why would they do it in the BASKETBALL Arena when they can simply do it in the FOOTBALL Stadium?!?!?! When will they post info about it? I hope they don't wait till the day before Signing Day to avertise Presentation of class of 2013..


Your assumption, or at least the way in which I read it, is that the recruits did not pay their own way. Or that, as you put it:
" The only money you're allowed to spend on the recruit cannot be used in the strip club. Diamond or the Twerk Twins might not care what money you contribute to their hairstylist. The NCAA or the state of Florida might."

Also posting that it is against university policy;

" As for my previous post...this is from the FIU Student Host Form from the packet of forms that accompanies each official visit by an athlete:
-You may not entertain the prospective student-athlete by attending a gentleman’s club or providing an opportunity for a sexual encounter (e.g., strip club, escort service, etc.)."

So why not make one post with all the info rather than split it into two posts and still no reference if all the consenting adults paid for their own entertainment.

Faciane and Perkins spent a lot of time in Mario's doghouse last year and it looks like they'll be starting in the outhouse with Ron Turner.

Can you get coach Turner or PG to comment?

I'm so happy to hear that Coach Mirabal is now with Marshall...They have a great tradition and a really good team coming back...with Mr. Cato... former Central Recruit...Marshall has themselves a really good coach...I'm getting FRONT ROW seat for this ONLY FIU vs. Marshall game :) ... By the way... Pitinofan...not worry about Coach Ponce... He's always "flying under the radar" and will be LANDING on his feet soon I'm sure!! :)

THIS NCAA STRIP MESS IS JUST TOOO GOOD TO GIVE UP!!! WOW!! Who could be the players ROLE MODEL for escorts and strips clubs.... Anyone want to take a guess? It couldn't be "Skinny Jean Pete"?? Could it?? No! REALLY PETE?? Now you're showing the FIU Players how you do it? Paying for "action" at Strips Clubs?? WHAT?? WOW! SMH!!

Chia, I split the information because when I made the original post, I didn't have the official visit packet with the exact wording on the prohibition. By the time I got it, there was the Mirabal-to-Marshall hire, so I just decided to put it with that as the latest post. And whether the consenting adults paid their own way...I'm going to take you to the strip club so you can have a good time, be seduced to the business decision I want you to make and I'm going to make/let you pay? C'mon, man.


No sportscenter reference here, that C'mon man segment is one of the worst segments ever.
The only NCAA infraction would be if the players/boosters/"others" paid for the "entertainment". So if this is what you are trying to say, then say it.

This isn't the first recorded visit to a strip club by athletes and recruits. All handled at the school level, which I hope is the story here.

OK... so, we know it occurred this weekend while Travis and Shug and some others were here. So, you wrote a decommitment from Muncie to MIA is a duh? Or else the coach should pack it in. Travis wasn't offered, yet. Also Gibbs who hadn't received other offers (whom I like very much from his recruiting video), Evan who wasn't offered and Jordan who had previously committed.

So, if our recruits are just OK, as you have written why the need for FIU to pay for entertainment? Sorry, not buying your theory.

I think this is more of guys hanging out and two seniors who were too immature to behave as seniors. To be handled at the school level. Remember, that these two were also at times last season criticized by the previous staff.

Chia, reading waayyyy too much into this. This isn't hard.
They took recruits to the club to show them a good time and talked about it in a public forum where people saw it (two people sent me "did you see this?" messages Sunday morning. You think they were only ones who saw it?). They violated stated school policy and most likely NCAA policy. Which is why it wasn't smart to talk about it in a public forum. That's it. To break it down.

1. Whether a kid is a no star or a five star, you want to make sure he has a good time on a visit whether you're in Miami, Muncie or Montgomery. You're recruiting him now, but also trying to make a good impression for anybody he'll talk to in the future (younger siblings, teammates, peers he sees at camps, summer workouts). Social common sense says you pay as host.

2. One recruit was committed to Ball State and we don't even know if he was part of the pack at the club. Again, ranked quality of recruit or whether or not he's already committed is immaterial. "Committed" isn't "signed." Also, recruiting is guesswork. You don't know if Shug will be the next Wes Welker or dead weight.

3. Perkins and Faciane aren't seniors. They're in their third year of post-high school education. And, again in the Immaterial column is whether they were angels or almost kicked off the team last year.

4. "C'mon, man" is a common phrase used for decades. So are "child, please..." and "ain't nobody got time for that." Because a phrase gets useded by a person or a Monday Night Countdown segment doesn't mean I can't use it as I have for years.

I do not recall you ever stating that Perkins had annoyed the coaching staff last season for any reason, even though I posted at least twice wondering why he was not playing. I will say this much however. If that kid has any talent whatsoever, and given the pathetic performance of that defense, it should have been brought up.

And by the way, you could do readers a real service by clarifying whether or not two players accompanying a recruit to a strip club IS indeed a violation of NCAA policy, as you imply. You are the guy who gets paid for this, no?

When I asked about Perkins in the fall, his behavior wasn't brought up, certainly not in the words that I was told Monday: "he was nearly kicked off the team..." Sometimes, things come out after the season.

Actually, NCAA enforcement officials get paid to determine whether or not it's a violation. I get paid to say it seems like a violation of NCAA policy at least one way.


I also get paid to say, when it comes to the NCAA, I'd worry more about the men's basketball team's APR last year.

I appreciate your taking the trouble David. Sounds like there may be good reasons why that kid has bounced around.

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