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Ponce to Appalachain State; whose fault on academics?

Sorry, been in the car from Coral Springs to Miami Shores with a McDonald's drive-thru stop...

Former FIU wide receivers coach Frank Ponce will head to Appalachian State, where former FIU offensvie coordinator Scott Satterfield is offensive coordinator, to be quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator.

Ponce is the second former coach off the last staff to land elsewhere in the college ranks in the last week. Former offensvie line coach Alex Mirabal, set to go back to high school coaching at Columbus High, got the offensive line job at Marshall. Marshall's also where former FIU offensive coordinator Bill Legg earns his bread in the same role.

Of the coaches on the last staff, Mirabal and Ponce generally were the most widely liked. They're also Dade County guys.


All college football coaching staffs recruit some players who probably would need a broom and a job to get on a college campus if they didn't have a fast 40 or a big bench. Everyone would like to be Stanford, packing athletic teams with muscular Mensa candidates, but, alas, few fan bases would support that. Fans don't care about APR. They care about wins.

Academic support staffs and football support staffs spend far too high a percentage of their time holding the hands -- ahem -- of the athlete-students brought to campus to win football games. Sometimes, academic progress is the goal. Sometimes, it's eligibility.

Ultimately, however, whether you should or shouldn't be there, whether you've got someone telling you every few months what classes to take, whether you've got someone constantly asking if you went to class or not, success or failure in the classroom lies with the young man.

A person old enough to vote, fight for our country and have a Heineken (in some states) should be beyond whining about someone else if he fails all his classes or signs up for the exact same class two semesters in a row (and gets a worse grade the second time). Especially if he was already kicked out of school and only allowed back in only through the generosity of the institution.

As I say at the end of my pregame blogs, that's one black man's opinion. I could be wrong.


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I don't think you're wrong. However, I also think the NCAA is a pile of garbage, and I wish we could just make away with all this pretense that we're "educating student-athletes" when it's pretty clear we want them for nothing more than fielding a football team.

It's kind of depressing, if nothing else.

I also hate how colleges focus on graduation rates, as if just graduating with any old degree will help you get a job, besides at McDonalds over someone with no degree.

Meanwhile nearly every athletic department steers athletes into programs they didn't need to go to four year college for (criminology) or won't help them get a job in the real world (sociology/communications/liberal arts).

That's not to disparage people who actually want to go into a career in academia teaching liberal arts or want to be English majors and become writers but let's be honest, that's maybe 1% of athletes in those majors.

Ponce and Mirabal are big time guys! Very happy for both of the!

Funny how you mention Stanford. For all the haters of the U, we're right at the top with the Ivy's. 980. "Thugs" for real.


It just so happens that Stanford happens to be a better academic institution than just about any in the country. Amongst FBS programs only Northwestern and Duke really rank up there with them. The fact that they are such a good school and are still able to pull such tremendous athletes, better than those at UM, is an aberration worthy of being pointed out in the APR discussion.

Congrats, Coach Ponce!!! I always liked he and Mirabal. Great to see former dade county high school guys making it! Thought he and Mirabal were great hires by Cristobal. Ponce was major recruiter for a lot of the kids on roster now. Good guy... happy for both of them!

By the way, kinda sounds like Turner threw Popovich, Wright, and Smith under the big bus.

DJN--Coach Satterfield is SCOTT Satterfield...just a clarification... NOW TO MORE IMPORTANT THINGS!! --- WELL THE TEAM OF SATTERFIELD AND PONCE are reunited!! I guess Coach Sat knows quality when he sees it... Coach Ponce was the 2010 SUNBELT RECRUITER of the YEAR, as WR Coach he was instrumental in the development of now NFL Player TY Hilton, as a DADE COUNTY GUY -- Miami High Player, Graduate and Coach, FIU ALUMN and Coach, Ponce knows EVERY DADE COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL COACH, but I guess that was not important to FIU...Neither was Mirabal's record, but oh well, FIU's LOSS! I think the Mountaineers are about to be raided by DADE COUNTY TALENT!! I am turning in my GOLD AND BLUE because NOW-- IT"S ALL ABOUT THE BLACK AND YELLOW!, BLACK AND YELLOW!! ALAVAO!! El "305" en BOONE, NORTH CAROLINA!!! WHAT?? DALE!! Well this DISAPPOINTED PANTHER GIRL is signing off ... my new name is TO BE CONTINUED... :) CONGRATS TO PONCE AND MIRABAL and THEIR FAMILIES!! We will be waiting for your returns :)

So Buc, what would you like the NCAA to do? Would you like them to only allow the Law or Med students to play football? What do you think the level of competition would be like if the only student “athletes” eligible to play football would be those majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Architecture or other Engineering field? The majority of the universities in this country would not even be able to field a team. If this was the case then say good-by to FIU, FAU, UM, USF, UCF and FSU football. The only school which would have a football program would be maybe UF. College and Pro football would suck! Ray Lewis would probably be a high school janitor, PE teacher or in prison.

For miacane86 to put Miami in the same breath as Stanford is insulting to Stanford and even the University of Miami. Miami is a bottom feeder for Ivy League rejects and the get the crumbs of even some public schools like UVA, UNC and even UF. As an FIU alum, I know the place of my alma mater and isn't high off of pixie dust. lol

Na, just stop pretending academics matter for scholarship students in revenue sports.

Of course academics matter for these student athletes. For the most talented athletes, just being able to showcase their talents at the college level and the chance to play at the next level should be enough of an incentive for getting good grades. For those athletes who don’t make it to the next level, gaining an advantage when applying for a job is the incentive for graduating. Who cares what they are majoring in?

Who cares what they major in? EMPLOYERS! The idea that a “college degree” will get you a job is incredibly naïve, I’m not far off in saying that a college degree in sociology will only get you a job at McDonalds over someone with a high school education. Out in the real world employers want to know what you studied – you have no chance of getting a decent entry level job in business with a humanities degree, you’re below hundreds of business majors who aren’t getting the job either because they don’t have an MBA. These humanities majors that athletes are funneled into to remain eligible to play sports have a career path that either leads to academia and teaching humanities, to being an educated housewife (90% of the rest of the students majoring in humanities), or to the Taco Bell.

The reason this bothers me is that everyone always says, "well college athletes ARE being paid because they're given a free college education".

No they aren't.

Great article on Coach Ponce joining Coach Satterfield at App State... http://www.goasu.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=21500&ATCLID=206198060

So you would rather see these kids receive money contracts instead of scholarships?

Well obviously there's no reason colleges should be the farm system for a professional sports league, but that's just how it worked out with football and basketball in America.

So now that college sports are big money farm systems, yes, I think they should either be paying players or else encourage them to get degrees that will get them a real job - a job that you would otherwise need to go to college for.

Don't force them into worthless majors so they can stay eligible to play sports, don't trot out "graduation rates" like they mean anything, don't take away their scholarships the second they run out of eligibility to play sports.

Some schools will allow athletes who leave early to play professional sports to come back and finish their degrees for free. Athletes should have AT LEAST 6 years worth of scholarships, playing football or basketball is nearly a full time job, as is being a student if you're not coasting through on humanities classes.

@ Buc Nasty
Well spoken, agree on every level

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