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Ponce to Appalachain State; whose fault on academics?

Sorry, been in the car from Coral Springs to Miami Shores with a McDonald's drive-thru stop...

Former FIU wide receivers coach Frank Ponce will head to Appalachian State, where former FIU offensvie coordinator Scott Satterfield is offensive coordinator, to be quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator.

Ponce is the second former coach off the last staff to land elsewhere in the college ranks in the last week. Former offensvie line coach Alex Mirabal, set to go back to high school coaching at Columbus High, got the offensive line job at Marshall. Marshall's also where former FIU offensive coordinator Bill Legg earns his bread in the same role.

Of the coaches on the last staff, Mirabal and Ponce generally were the most widely liked. They're also Dade County guys.


All college football coaching staffs recruit some players who probably would need a broom and a job to get on a college campus if they didn't have a fast 40 or a big bench. Everyone would like to be Stanford, packing athletic teams with muscular Mensa candidates, but, alas, few fan bases would support that. Fans don't care about APR. They care about wins.

Academic support staffs and football support staffs spend far too high a percentage of their time holding the hands -- ahem -- of the athlete-students brought to campus to win football games. Sometimes, academic progress is the goal. Sometimes, it's eligibility.

Ultimately, however, whether you should or shouldn't be there, whether you've got someone telling you every few months what classes to take, whether you've got someone constantly asking if you went to class or not, success or failure in the classroom lies with the young man.

A person old enough to vote, fight for our country and have a Heineken (in some states) should be beyond whining about someone else if he fails all his classes or signs up for the exact same class two semesters in a row (and gets a worse grade the second time). Especially if he was already kicked out of school and only allowed back in only through the generosity of the institution.

As I say at the end of my pregame blogs, that's one black man's opinion. I could be wrong.


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