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Reaction to "Ron Turner, FIU football coach"

Judging from Twitter, this comments section and the text messages hitting my phone, this sums up the response from FIU fans in general and some in the football industry...


The following statements were released by FIU and are presented without comment:

Former University of Miami and Cleveland Browns coach Butch Davis: “I believe that Ron Turner is an outstanding hire for the FIU football program. Ron brings leadership experience and is a man of character. He has a successful and proven track record as a head coach in college and an excellent background from the NFL.” 

Denver Broncos and former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning: "FIU has made an excellent decision in naming Ron Turner as its head coach. He was an important part of the offensive staff with the Colts during his two years with the team. I respect his knowledge of the game and his passion for coaching. I'm happy for him and wish him all the best at FIU." 

Former Univerwsity of Pittsburgh quarterback John Congemi, now a television color analyst: “I’ve known Ron Turner for over 25 years and was very fortunate to have him as my coach at the University of Pittsburgh. Not only did Coach mold me into a quality quarterback, he molded me into the person I am today. He is one of the coaches, if I had a son who was a prospective football player; I would not hesitate to send him to FIU now that Ron Turner is their head coach. I know what he brings to the table, not just as a college football coach, but a mentor of young men. He will do a fine a job at FIU and I wish him nothing but best.”

 Chicago Bears kick returner Devin Hester: “Coach Turner was one of the greatest mentors to have when I first came into the National Football League and over the following seasons. The players at FIU will learn a lot from him and no question will have great success in the years to come.”

Kurt Kittner, University of Illinois quarterback on Turner's 2001 Big Ten championship team: "Coach Turner...has a great mind for football. He turned the program around from the bottom of the Big Ten to the top by the time I was a senior. He knows how to get the most out of his players, which is the most important job for a coach. He is a family man and a great friend. He makes the players he brings in feel like they are part of his family. It goes beyond football for him. It is a great hire for the university. FIU is going in the right direction hiring Coach Turner."





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Pretty accurate.

I'll give the guy a chance, but is this the best we could get? We fired Mario for this guy!!! I am not impress

What the first two said.

If nothing else, MC brought attention to the program. Seems like now we've just got an obscure coach to match our obscure school. As was said above, I'll give the guy a chance, but judging from the national press, the buzz around this guy is...not much.

You all see what we did to the local media.... It's called confusion lol it's nice to hear former players take on him at least but we got rid of one coach with a losing record for another.... He has 1.5 yrs to see improvement for me.... I hope he develop players and FINISHES games

a month long coaching search for this coaching re-tread... the butch Davis deal fell apart and Garcia had to settle for this guy.

unfortunately president Rosenberg cannot do anything about it because garcia's hooker chasing buddy fat Albert Maury is FIU chair of board of trustees and those people are Rosenberg's bosses.

but David check into Maury and garcia's booze-filled trips to Las Vegas with hookers on the Leon medical center plane. and keep digging into garcia's FIU personnel file because I'm sure FIU has not given you everything. Garcia has someone in FIU's human resources department bought off with Leon medical center money.

It just doesn't make sense to fire MC for this guy... I do like that his former players speak well of him but still- I hope for the best only for the players but my goodness this just doesn't make ANY sense.

Turner has no ties to South Florida, no relationships built up with the local high school coaches, hasn't been in the college recruiting mix in 8 years, and his college tenure in the Big Ten was a while back and yielded 1 winning season and a losing record (including 2 winless BT seasons). Tell me again, why did FIU fire Mario Cristobal? Of course Turner will be given a chance but as far as gut-level emotion on this hire? Like McKayla, I'm not impressed.

He coordinated Rex Grossman to a Super Bowl appearance so he must have some Xs and Os. His brother's a top notch offensive coordinator when he's not trying to be a head coach. No doubt the thing went sideways, there was no reason to wait, no news cycle tie-in, no commitments to an NFL team that's out of the playoffs.

This Garcia character went for a big splash hire and struck out. Seems to be a pattern with him, publicity hires, you'd think the higher ups would question his overall philosophy.

Norv Turner's brother is the opposite of a big splash hire, but that could work out to FIU's favor if he's able to build up the program the right way and stick around awhile. With his background maybe he can get more players into the NFL.

Love, Love, LOVE the hire. Ron Turner is a proven commodity and is uber respected in the football community. Who are you going to take a scholarship from, that loser Golden with his tie girly looks, or a NFL stud that has been there, done that! Yeah, that's what I thought. Only a matter of time before FIU is out-recruiting UM. I just bought 6 season tickets this morning because of the news! Great job Pete Garcia! Looking forward to many years of success for the FIU football program. Go Panthers!

Girls don't wear ties...

Dec. 4 - Garcia tells FIU board of trustees that butch Davis wants to be the next FIU coach.

dec. 5 - Garcia fires Cristobal

dec. 24 - Davis set to become FIU coach

dec. 30 - Davis lawyer says Davis will not coach FIU

jan. 3 - Garcia having put all his eggs in Davis basket and getting those eggs crushed asks Davis who should coach FIU. Davis says Ron turner is your guy.

Can we all get off Butch Davis' sack please? For the first time in our short history we have just hired a REAL Head Coach, you know, one with actual experience at the position and even proven success as one. Stop being so pretentious people!!! Lets remember something, WE are FIU, WE are not UF. WE will play in conference USA this year, not the SEC. Forget about Butch!!! I’m not suggesting that Turner will make us national champions but he can definitely break through the plateau that Cristobal reached. Whether you realize it or not, he is still a much better option than what we had last year! Let’s all STFU and move forward with RT!!!!

David - we hear 330pm press conference, please get there and ask the hard questions this blog demands responses to:

1) Was this your 8th person down the list?
2) Hows the egg on your face with Butch Davis?
3) You made FIU a comedy show for the last 30 days
4) How will a NFL coach recruit 25 kids in 5 weeks?
5) If FIU goes 2-9 next year, will you be fired?
6) If FIU gets 5,000 fans game 1 at home, will you be fired?

i hope people have the balls to ask hard questions

Cristobal wasn't a REAL head coach? He had 4 years expeirence at the position and proven success as one.

'canes fans trolling hard today. I guess they hear the footsteps given their long downward spiral and pending NCAA sanctions. Have fun paying your mortgage at Sun Life with 3,000 fans in the stands.

Joe, I can tell that you never went to any FIU games last year.

LMAO, 35-57,The guy lost at every level and yeah his NFL ties whoppie!, and you think the U doesn't have any NFL ties, roflmao! who you gonna listen to Ron Turner or Ray Lewis, Ed Reed et al? TR....out recruiting Golden and the U, delusional thoughts, try some psychotropic drugs TR or we will have you put in straight jacket and cart U off!

The definition of delusional is a Forever Inferior to the U fan, lol!

FIU gets mostly guys that the U, FSU, Floridud, Central Florida, USF or Bethune Cookman for that matter don't want or can't qualify academically at other schools.

Out to win the Conference USA


Andy how many of these schools were Sunbelt previously?

Yeah you are certainly moving up in the world and playing this schedule will certainly get Turner the to

top recruiting spot in south florida.

Just look at what those two somewhat successful seasons, caused by TY and TY alone, spawned. Spew on, boys. Going to do a lot of good.

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