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The holdup on the 2013 football schedule; free stuff at basketball games; Beaupre wins Sun Belt Diver of the Week (again)

FIU's non-conference schedule for 2013 long has been set -- open at Maryland Aug. 31; host UCF Sept. 7; host Bethune-Cookman Sept. 14; go to Louisville, Sept. 21.

But the Conference USA portion of the schedule couldn't be set until everybody knows who'll be in C-USA next year. And with it now looking as if FAU and Middle Tennessee State will join the league in 2013 instead of 2014, there's still not certainty of the JLA, er, C-USA Roll Call for next season.

The FAU-Middle situation should be settled at the next Conference USA meetings, which will be down here next week.

By the way, Sports Illustrated's Stewart Mandel gave FIU the what for in his Tuesday analysis of coaching changes...



The first 75 fans to the women's game and the men's game Thursday night against North Texas will receive a free t-shirt and free pizza and beverage on the plaza.

Wonder if that'll include the 10 NBA scouts in the house to watch North Texas' Tony Mitchell.


Junior diver Sabrina Beaupre swept both the 1-meter and 3-meter events at FIU Winter Invite and in the dual meet against Central Connecticut State. So, the Sun Belt awarded Beaupre her third Diver of the Week award this season and 13th of her career.


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You guys have to get a life. Mario went 3-9 with 20 returning starters from a 8-5 team.

Yeah, he can recruit but what good does that do if he can't coach them up. I for one am glad Pete made the change. FIU deserved better.

I've said this before, I wish nothing but the best for Mario at the U. The Canes got a great positions coach, recruiter, motivator and hard working SOB in Cristobal. I hate to criticize a guy like Mario but, it is what it is. As a head coach, you should be ultimately responsible for the success or failure of your team. When you got the best recruiting classes in the Sunbelt for the past 3 years and over 20 returning starters, there should be no reason to finish 3-9. At the beginning of the season FIU was overwhelmingly favored to win the Sunbelt, yet our only 3 wins came against the 3 worst teams in NCAA football, and by narrow margins.

I can understand how losing a guy like T.Y. Hilton, and the injuries to Medlock and Rhodes could set our offense back but there is no excuse for horrible game management. I went to a couple games this year with a good friend of mine, whom happens to be a huge Canes fan (and he would let everyone at the FIU games know this by being one of the only fans in the stadium decked out in Canes gear) and even he couldn’t understand some of the play calling and game management. And that’s just on the offensive side. What happened to that talented Defense that we saw in 2011? Most of them were back playing in 2012. Maybe the players weren’t in the proper conditioning or didn’t know their assignments but it is ultimately the coaches responsibility to get these players where they need to be, both physically and mentally. Something had to change. Like I said, I think Mario is a great coach and he will no doubt get his shot again but sometimes you get into a funk that you cant get out of. Hopefully Turner can get us out of the funk.

We're the first school to ever get an "F"... At least we can hang our hats on something this offseason. We are the best of the worst ever!!!

Wow...what a joke Pete Gracia, you should be fired
I believe you said "Big Splash" hire coming...might be your ass hitting the unemployment line. SI statement below...

"Seeing as this year's grades were unusually kind, I'm going to break from convention and grade one mid-major's coaching hire. Congratulations, FIU, for achieving this year's sole F. First, AD Pete Garcia had the audacity to fire Mario Cristobal, who only took over the worst FBS program in the country and led it to consecutive bowls in 2010 and '11. Then, after striking out in an attempt to woo Butch Davis, Garcia turned around and hired ... Ron Turner. Yes, the same Ron Turner who went 35-57 in eight seasons at Illinois. Good going there, school that previously hired Isiah Thomas"

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/college-football/news/20130115/coach-hire-grades/#ixzz2IF0QgmaC


don't get discouraged because FIU had you escorted off campus. it just means that you are getting closer to the truth in your investigation of Garcia, Maury and the corruption they have brought to FIU. keep digging and look carefully at Garcia's FIU credit card records.... where there is smoke there is fire.


Follow the $$$$, and that will lead you to the PROSTITUTES that Pedro and Fat Albert frequently socialize with in public. Pete even has the audacity to take these women to FIU road trips dressed like Medellin whores on the team plane and to donor events. I have even seen these "high priced escorts" at the President's home for University functions. What a total disgrace that this kind of behavior is tolerated in the presence of his wife, children, University leaders, staff, students and donors. FIU's University Foundation Directors, Presidents Council, Alumni leaders, Provost, SGA, and Senior Administration have all witnessed this disgraceful trash up close and personal. Yet, nobody will speak ??? What a shame.

Where is the Board of Regents and State of Florida University Chancellor on this ??? DJN, if they keep stonewalling you on records requests, you need to take it to the very top. Too many good people have worked so very hard to build FIU into what it has become. A deep cleansing is required to restore professional and integrity to a great up and coming school.

DJN, Have you contacted Fat Albert's colleagues on the Board of Trustees and asked them how they feel about the Chair and AD treating the University like a SEMEN RECEPTACLE ?

Pretty much all fans have left reading and commenting on this page lol, its been more of a host for slander and hate posts. Have fun!

Right. Try putting these comments on the cane blog, changing FIU for UM and see how far you'll get.... and their the ones under a two-year NCAA probe.

I guess that's modern day media for you. It's just a bunch of shill.

you guys are going to be so devastatingly surprised when these don't just turn out to be comments.

If university presidents and ADs can't have high priced escorts I don't even know why I'm in the game.

I have dreams too baby.

Changing of the coaching staff is no longer the problem. It is how the process was handled. It is about the stories floating around the internet about the Athletic Director and the University... There has to be some truth to all of this garbage. The hiring of a guy like Joey Corey is proof enough. FIU should want NOTHING to do with anything even remotely related to the UM scandal. But instead, we hire a person at the forefront of the investigation to be our Director of Football Operations. REALLY?? Now we are mentioned in Sports Illustrated for making a mockery of our football program. I'm sorry but this negative publicity just isn't good for the university as a whole. We have always played second fiddle to UM in this town and now we are becoming the joke of college athletics. I hope for Ron Turner things go well- He couldn't have imagined walking into this kind of mess.


Were you really kicked off campus? Was it Isaiah Thomas style? Any idea what caused it?

Pete is the problem. He must go. How can we terminate him? Help us, David. We want him GONE.

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