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Tuesday Afternoon...

Tomorrow's story on the basketball team, in case you don't feel like taking the paper out of the plastic...


Meanwhile, the head football coach's office at The Fieldhouse got Ron Turner and a new coat of paint over the last few days. Also, some offices got emptied as assistants, graduate assistants and support staff were being sent on their way during a rainy afternoon (which always reminds me of the song in the headline. 

Todd Orlando's allegedly up for the defensive coordinator job at Pitt. Let that irony sink in for a bit...

Vero Beach offensive lineman Chris Flaig, a former FIU commit, Tweeted last night that he's reopening the recruiting process and is taking an official visit to FAU. Flaig's rated at three stars by ESPN, two stars by Scout.com. Other reports have Jacksonville Sandalwood offensive lineman Donald Rocker doing the same.

Now, let's see if FIU can hold on to Boyd Anderson offensive lineman Sandley Jean-Felix, rated at three stars by ESPN and Scout.com, or Belen defensive back Xavier Hines, rated at two stars by Scout.com.



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Orlando a candidate for Pitt's DC? Interesting.

The problem at FIU wasn't Orlando, was Cristobal. Last year with Orlando, FIU has the 19th defense in the country, the offense went back this year thanks to Cristobal terrible gameplanning and involvement in playcalling.

Orlando was at Connecticut without any problem for 12 years. Cristobal make him look bad.

^^^^ The offense went back this year? Offense exceeded expectations given the loss of TY and all the injuries.

Clearly defense was the unit that regressed despite being stacked with upperclassmen. Something went awry on the defensive side; Orlando is not blameless. See ya Todd.

Sorry, I meant the defense went back thanks to Cristobal. Orlando was fine in Connecticut for 12 years, comes here and suddenly he sucks. Was not Orlando, was Cristobal who set us back.


Can you post which coaches have been let go.

And interview coach on the current recruiting class.



I stopped by your work yesturday for the All-Dade pictures. Talk about tight security to get into a "Newspaper" building. Man!

As for Coach Orlando I wish him the best, but I honestley don't think he was the right fit for FIU. When we had the old D.C that lest to another school 2 years ago our defense was crazy good. We were among the Top 25 in almost all catagories. In the last 2 years the D has only gotten worst. NEED THE CHANGE!

Lets bring back the Chilli man! That guy was AMAZING!

Go Panthers!

The chili man should be our HC right now

BGH with the usual garbage. Usual worthless opinions.

And Collins would be great as a DC gooch but not happening.

Why are they worthlless? Only because are different than yours?

I could not remember his name. Thank JP1990..

I also think Collins would be amazing to have back as our DC, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. Regardless im going to stay positive (even though it might be pretty hard if half way through the season we only have 1 win..


CAN YOU PLEASE POST THE SCHEDULE FOR NEXT YEAR. Most team already have their complete schedule for 2013.. Thanks for all the info!

Go Panthers!

Good story on the P-smalls, David. They get a mobile big/a shot blocker inside next year, they will be competitive. Could we have a copy of your piece sent over to a former coach's house, you think? "This is how you do-it to-it," etc.

PS--On the recruiting issue, what about the QB commit from Georgia? Is he long gone? Or was he a nonentity in the first place? Given Medlock's apparent fragility, I'd say they need some depth at the position, beyond an undersized scootaround, that is.

BGH, it's not you. It's just your brain!! Gotta let go of this Cristobal obsession. I never thought he was great. But I thought he was the best thing for FIU at this time or point in our history. But geez, you are just hardcore. Also, give others a break dude!!! Realize that you are obsessive-compulsive and get help. This doesn't mean that you are crazy, but your obsessions are not quite endearing to most humans.

I still can't believe that DJN has actually explained himself to you a couple of blog posts ago. Seriously? DJN should not have to explain why he posted a video of maybe two fans at a basketball game. And the fact that he explained himself later is more of an indictment of him than of you. He should have ignored you. period. He is a great writer and we are lucky to have him in our corner. That doesn't mean you will like everything he says. Heck, you are not supposed to.


Can't find confirmation that Cameron Turner has joined staff. That's one more NFL assistant, he coached WRs in his time so I expect to hear that Coach Ponce will not be retained.

Crazy coincidence, Cameron Turner is Norv Turner's nephew!

How old is Nick Saban's son, Nick Saban?

No assistants have been terminated, yet, according to my source inside the department. The word is all about Turner interviewing coaches and asking if they're on his team or not. This is a poor way to treat young coaches who have worked for peanuts. Mirabal was the highest paid assistant and he barely earned over 100k a year. Most of the assistants earned between 50k and 80k. That's chump change. Assistants at major schools and the NFL earn a lot more than this for less work. Get real, y'all. Aint going to see top-notch assistants coaching our players unless we take some of Garcia's salary and spread it around. This clown has no business earning more than ADs at major programs. His pay is way out of whack with what the department brings in. And who ever heard of a title like his?? Anyone? Sports and entertainment...since when is a state school about making money from entertainment. Keep blasting Cristobal. Call him a bad coach. Maybe even a lousy recruiter. You are dead wrong. He brought kids to the FI-U through his gift of talk and spirit and honesty. He built a winning team with poorly paid assistants who stayed out of loyalty to him or joined because of his energy. I would let my kids play for him anyday, anywhere. Old Ron Turner ain't been down here except for vacation. Come to my house in the hood and we'll throw his fat ass out. Cristobal came to speak with our neighborhood kids. He told em about what it's like to win. And he did win. He could have put on a helmet and knocked the crap out of most players half his age. God bless him, his assistants and the FIU athletes he helped. T.Y. will eat dirt for that man. He gave T.Y. opportunities on and off the field to be a better kid. Amen, brothers. Amen.

Maybe if he HAD suited up, we'd have won a few more games.

Diagodog is a worthless pile of poo on the sidewalk with not athletic talent. You know nothing about football.

Would that be the sidewalk with "not" athletic talent or the pile of poo, CJ? Looks like someone skipped a few too many study halls to me.

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