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Turn on the Telly? Ring Bell?

New FIU football coach Ron Turner's not stupid. He knows current recruits were still in their action figure stage the last time he sat in a recruit's home to close the deal. He knows he doesn't have much of a reputation in South Florida among high school coaches.

That's why Turner said to me Thursday night he knows his staff has to include some "guys with Florida connections, guys high school coaches can trust." He also said he wants a diverse staff in every way.

Among the calls from Dade and Broward Turner's probably getting as I'm writing this, he should probably check for a couple of numbers. One belongs to Central High coach and Northwestern High graudate Telly Lockette. Lockette's Rockets just won their second state title in three years, have three consecutive state title game appearances and would've had four but for a semifinal loss to eventual state champion Miramar in 2009.

Granted, Lockette's working with an overabundance of talent at Central and he wouldn't have the same talent advantage at FIU. But he'll be able to help recruit that talent as well as anyone.

The same could be said for Corey Bell, an Edison High and South Carolina defensive back who coached at his high school alma mater for 10 years before going to the University of Miami as part of Randy Shannon's staff. Bell's at American High now.


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Good idea, DJN.

Hiring guys like Corey Bell and Harris from Booker T did a lot of good for Shannon at UM.... Seriously???

They helped him get the job at TCU!!!

i cant believe we hired this guy. 35-57 record at Ill

2004 is the last time he was a HC - the game has changed 500 times since then. He is stuck in the NFL pro formation sets, lack of creativity...how will he defned spread, speed offense, people loading the box and forcing us to throw every down.

i dont get it

Horrible hire

I like the hire of Coach Turner, but I think the process was WAY to slow, and possibly too late. God knows how many recruits we lost in the last 4 weeks.

I do like that we will see a NEW Offense. Also like that he has called plays in pretty darn big games (ex Superbowl and Bowl games). I guess at least in the offensive side we will have a better look.

As for not having that South Florida connection (im very worried). Will he keep any of the old staff? Might want to keep at least a few that know how to recruit South Florida.

Might have to go and actually buy the Herald tomorrow.. Lol

Congrats Coach Turner..

Go Panthers!

Garcia says Turner is "the best quarterbacks coach in America, college or pro. So I'm very excited to get this guy."


Sorry, DJN, but your suggestions make too much sense. Next!

Welcome to FIU Coach Turner...

Ant word and the current staff....who's staying who's going??

Sorry...posting without reading first....What I meant was....Any word on the current staff...Who's staying and who's going??

Welcome coach Turner...get us to 6-7 wins in your first year and some of these MC supporters can get lost.

PG, you Better have gotten it right with Turner! You may be out if RT goes 3-9

If MC had gotten all this support in the stands PG would of made his attendace bonus and MC would be here still.

Telly is tremendously respected by the whole high school football community in the Sun Belt states. But, if he were to actually come to what capacity would he be hired? Position coach like Harris? or more?

Hey, David, what is up with the fact that the story in the Herald re: the hire. is under the byline of some putz from the AP? What are you in all this, chopped liver? Were you present? Did you get to ask any questions? Inquiring minds beg to know.

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