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The special teams coordinator promised the day of Ron Turner's introduction as FIU football coach turns out to be Kevin Wolthausen.

Wolthausen's spent most of his 29-year coaching career on the defensive side, particularly the defensive line, which he coached at Arizona (1986), Oklahoma (1993-94), Arizona State (1996), Louisville (2004-05) and Purdue (2012).

A poster mentioned changes in the support staff reported by footballscoop.com. Ironically, FIU recently officially named Joey Corey director of football operations after he's been acting in that role for a month and Nick Mehlhaff the assistant football operations director. I'm not saying that's how it'll be long after Signing Day on Wednesday, but that's the way it is now.

Look for the next coaching staff hire to be the tight ends coach, replacing Dennis Smith, who is also the recruiting coordinator.


FIU, which opens its season Friday, got voted third in the Sun Belt's preseason coaches poll and put three players on the preseason All-Sun Belt team.


Senior Jessy Alfonso (outfield), shortstop Kayla Burri (at-large) and second base Brie Rojas (at-large) got the honors. FIU plays Kansas in the Panther Invitational at 4 p.m. Friday, Georgetown at 6:30 and North Carolina State Saturday at 12:30. 

Five-time defending Sun Belt champion Louisiana-Lafayette, ranked No. 11 in the preseason ESPN.com/USA Softball Top 25, was the preseason pick to continue their team dominance.




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Keep the updates coming DJN..
I thought Turner would go for a local coach in this position. But Kevin is a wealth of knowledge, he and Andre will give coach JC all the help he needs.... Love the Defensive Staff. Incredible, combined alone coach Andre and Kevin bring 70 years of game experience at both the NCAA and NFL level.

Gotta get excited if you are a player on D!

Go Panthers.

Wasssupp! I hear that Turner is trying to sign Leon Sandcastle to his first recruiring class. Is this true, David Neal? That Sandcastle sure can run.

Love the name SandCastle! Lol

Have to say, love the experience on the staff. Looking forward to signing day, keep the info coming DJN!

turners demise will be traced back to not hiring any ocaches with local exper....heck,,arkansas hired 3

feed back from local high schools is that FIU is lost..

Does that mean that Coach Popovich will be coaching the DBs again?? say it aint so! The staff does have a lot of years behind them. We'll have to see how that works out. It should lead to good coaching but you never know. I was hoping for at least ONE local hire. Say what you want about Cristobal but he was very well liked by High School Coaches and he had two former high school guys on staff... that had to help in recruiting.

In about 18hours we will see what FIU was able to pick up in such a short period of time. If fans are expecting an amazing 2013 recruiting class then don't hold your breath. I am hoping that we happen to pick up guys that are willing to work their ass off on the field and in the classroom. Having the 5 Star athlete seating in the bench with a 1.70GPA does not help either. God knows but maybe we picked up our next TY Hilton (which was ranked no more then 2-Stars) when he graduated H.S. Last year was a perfect demonstration of how ONE guy can have such an a huge impact on the team. Very excited to see what happens tomorrow!

Go Panthers!

NEAL.. Can you please post ANY info about the presentation they usually have for the incoming recruiting class? I have not heard time, location, or if they are even going to do it..

FIU really lacks the ability to get the word out about certain things like SPORTS!! Come on FIU!! Lets step up our game..

I like the class as it stands... assuming all 15-17 guys stay committed, even if Sandley. If not, look luck to them where ever they go. This will leave open scholarships for any guys that fall between the cracks after NSD. Heck maybe even hold scholies back for next years JUCCO season and count them as 2012..

Once on campus they'll love it. This isn't our parents FIU or even my FIU... The program and school is building our children's FIU!

Also for every TY or Cyp. there are those guys that get away or that are ousted. Two years ago the previous FIU Staff passed on a commit from Central in R. Cato.. he passed for 4201 yrds at Marshall last Season as a sophomore. He was basically a done deal until our staff went in a "different direction". For more mobile athletes...

Can't make mistakes like this.. I know it's part of the process, but you got to hit the local guys.

So for those of you who question QB size (pikedanny...lol), Cato is 6'1" and 180 lbs.

Focus on our needs and develop the talent we know we have. GO PANTHERS!!

If I remember correctly I think it was Cato who passed on FIU...


I may have misunderstood you on Saturday (after all, I was still hung over from Friday), but you mentioned that Teddy Bridgewater is shorter and weighs the same as EJ. I looked them up:

Teddy - 6'-3" 218 lbs
EJ - 6'-3" 180 lbs

Teddy has a year on him, but they're clearly not the same body type.

Anyway, Cato was a huge loss. I remember him being committed to FIU. We were really excited to get him, but the staff went in a different direction.

I still think Medlock is our guy, tho. I wish EJ could have redshirted as it would have given him two years as the started once Medlock graduates. We'll see how it goes come camp.

Other than his sons, has this guy hired anyone who wasn't fired after last season?

Just saw on FIU website that they will be having a "Meet and Greet" with the staff at the basketball game Thursday. I'm an FIU basketball fan but thought that was a weak move by FIU Athletics. National Signing Day should be celebrated! I enjoyed the events the past two years. The highlight videos were always too long but it was still a celebrated event. I think the fans need an event like that...especially this year!!! Get us excited and eager for spring practices. Oh well!

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