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The Wright Effect

Getting Louisville Trinity QB Travis Wright doesn't by itself save FIU's 2013 recruiting class in the national rankings that'll get reshuffled in two years once some guys soar like eagles, some guys flop like penguins, some guys flunk like dummies and some guys get arrested like cast members from Different Strokes.

But there's no question Wright's a good late get who could have a domino effect on FIU's season.

(For what it's worth, here's ESPN Recruiting's Ratings on four quarterbacks: Collins Hill (Ga.) Suwanee High Brett Sheehan, who decommitted post-Mario Cristobal firing and signed with South Alabama, 67, two stars; 2012 freshman backup E.J. Hilliard, 73, two stars; Wright, 75, three stars; 2012 starter Jake Medlock, 76, three stars).

All logic says Medlock enters camp as the No. 1 guy. Behind him, Wright should provide legitimate competition to Hilliard. Hilliard's edge in experience gets mitigated because everybody will be learning a new offense. Expect Hilliard to respond to Wright's imminent challenge with a more finely honed diligence in the spring and when Wright arrives in the late summer. 

That makes for a better Hilliard and a better backup, whether its Hilliard or Wright. With a line light on experience and physical maturity, nobody's betting on Medlock making it through the season with perfect attendance.

Israel "Tofi" Paopao? Recruiters comb California for quarterbacks and Paopao didn't show up on anybody's list with any kind of stars until FIU signed him. That says something. His Oceanside High teams had a great record with him as a starter, but when you're beating teams 56-0 and 49-6, a whole lot of other guys are playing well, too. If I'm wrong and he winds up in the mix, too, all the better for FIU.



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Would be even better if Hilliard hits the weight room and bulks up a bit. He had a difficult time holding onto the ball at times last year when 170 lbs met 215 lbs. He is an athlete, I will grant you. As for Paopao, maybe he is that QB who can line up under center on fourth and an inch. Or maybe he can just go straight to FB. He looks fairly mobile for a guy that size, assuming the scales in Oceanside are accurate.

Hopefully these guys pan out...With Medlock's health issues an obvious concern I was happy to see FIU add another quarterback to the mix. Welcome to FIU Mr. Wright!

What you talking bout DJN?

Paopao Bio's also reads as LB prospect. But, can't deny his record as starter. He was forced to play after an injury to a starter and never let the position go...that speaks great about his competative nature.

Wright's school had 5 guys sing D-1 offers... Pretty impressive for Kentucky I assume. Still his confidence after winning many state titles is reassuring.

His tweet yesterday was that he is coming in to compete for the starting job.

EJ had one year as a starter behind UL's Teddy so I expect the time he got last season was invaluable.

Lets go Panthers! Open Competition!!!

May the best guy win and with an NFL QB Coach/coordinator making the choice I feel reassured that the winner earned it and is the best going forward.
BTW, Paopao came to Turner via Jeff Garcia who made contact with Ron on Paopao's behave.

Go Panthers!!

All the talent we might have at QB is a great feeling BUT i would be a little more excited if we get a 1 or 2 big boys that can make a difference in the O-Line (and NOT false start every 5 plays).. We need to imporve both lines ASAP!!

Bring home the beef!

Dont be shock if Paopao gets some playing time as a frosh.He played in a Pro style offence at OHS.He is a great drop step Qb with speed for his size.Has a rocket arm plus touch on the ball.Alot of shotgun QBs stuggle in the Proset not used to dropping back.Most of the time they panic and run which screws up the WR routes.

where is the beef?


anything on Hunter?

Indeed... Where's the beef

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