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More Housecleaning...

I apologize. It's been a wacky, hectic few days in the South Beach real world. So here's a few items I meant to post or wax on (wax off) earlier, but am now cramming them in before the 836 Wedding Procession to Camp Mitch for baseball.

Spring Football: All 15 practices from Mar. 19 through April 20 will be open to the public, in contrast to last year. What? Installing a new offense and they're not going into Langley Lockdown? Don't they know the secrets that can leak even though there are about four offensive styles split among 120 or so FBS schools? Where's the paranoia?

They are saying no pictures, video or breathless social media commentary. In practice, if enough of you show up, they'll be able to police that flow of information about as well as our government polices the flow of really good drugs across state and national borders.

Practices will be from 9-11:30 a.m. Mar. 19; Mar. 21; Mar. 23; Mar. 26; Mar. 28; Mar. 30; Apr. 2; Apr. 6; Apr. 8; Apr. 10; Apr. 12; Apr. 16; Apr. 18; and Apr. 20. Friday, April 5's session will be from 3:30-6 p.m. Obviously somebody has a very good or very perverse idea of how to best spend Friday Happy Hours.

Coaching staff: Jason Brooks is FIU's defensive backs coach. Brooks spent the last four years as an offensive assistant -- quality control, assistant to the offense -- with Baltimore. Further back, 2007-08, Brooks was a Dolphins scouting assistant. He's no stranger to grunt work.

God only knows...: The women's hoop team managed only 47 points Thursday night against Arkansas-Little Rock. Junior guard Jerica Coley scored 28 of those 47 points. Coley's up to 48.2 percent of FIU's scoring over the last 12 games.




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Thats great news!!!

No more double super secret Oregon of the East!

Either bad video or lousy lip syncing. Great song though. As well as a good call to open practice. Previous coach feared theft of system not varied since wing t. Enjoy those collard greens, St. Mario of Criztobal.

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