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Possible stopgap QB visit

Addendum to today's story at http://www.miamiherald.com/sports that I would've read over my Cap'n Crunch (with Crunch Berries) on a more leisurely morning...

Utah State quarterback Adam Kennedy, a senior who got a medical redshirt last year after a shoulder injury, hit FIU this weekend on his Where Will I Transfer? tour.

Kennedy, 6-5, played in eight games for Utah State in 2011 and started the last five after an injury to Utah State's starter. In five and a half games of playing time, Kennedy completed 72 of 105 passes for 926 yards, 11 touchdowns, four interceptions. Before Utah State, Kennedy started 10 games at San Joaquin Delta College.

With a possibly leaky line and a starting quarterback who's had trouble staying healthy, it's not surprising new head coach Turner would want a backup with more post-high school experience than the three and a half games played by sophomore E.J. Hilliard last year (although Hilliard played against four good teams...).



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Wow...good info DJN

Hadnt heard about this possible transfer. Could this be why Wright hasnt been offered?

Buy a red shirt year for EJ? But I guarantee you EJ will battle for that Starters spot!

Go Panthers

Glad to hear about your cereal selection. Crunch Berries are an excellent selection.

Any confirmation on Joey Corey leaving FIU?? I saw this on the scoop. If this is true something fishy is up... then again we are talking about FIU- everything about FIU Athletics is fishy!Just throwing it out there but I am a big Medlock fan... Tough kid and fun to watch.Hopefully he will stay healthy.

For heaven's sakes, DJN. EJ Hilliard and Jake Medlock are about as different as two quarterbacks could possibly be. One guy weighs about 175 pounds and the other guy is "I wish I were Tim Tebow." They play entirely different games and have entirely different strengths. You write about them as if they were interchangeable pieces. Come on, man. Let's have some analysis. If you like one more than the other, given the FIU pieces, just come out and say so. Talk to the coach. Ask him what kind of game he intends to play. You mentioned two similarly different QB recruits yesterday, one an option QB who hasn't completed half of his passes in high school, and the other guy a down the field passer with sprint out capability. I don't really give a crap myself, but you are the reporter here. Let's have some reporting.

No, Diagodog, they aren't that different. You've let the difference in build and, perhaps, melanin fool you. Medlock's at his best when he worked from the pocket or used his mobility to buy time for guys to get open. He wasn't as willing to run this season, especially after the foot injury. He had 87 runs, but took 24 sacks. So, 63 scrambles, keepers or sneaks and 20 of those were against Akron. Your "Tebow" comparison fit Medlock 2011. Hilliard's a reluctant runner and, also, likes to work from the pocket and use mobility to buy time. And the evidence, both statistical and eye test, is so objective as to who is better right now that stating said hunk of obvious defines "superfluous." I asked Turner about his offense the night they hired him and reported the answer -- basically a pro-style west coast offense with some spread elements. I mentioned the two recruits I did because those were two high school quarterback recruits FIU brought in for recent visits. FIU chose them, not me.

Respect your opinion, DJN. Appreciate your taking the trouble.

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