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Prince Matt arrested, fined

Backup offensive lineman Prince Matt got arrested and was booked at 3:24 am today on a charge of misdemeanor marijuana possession, 20 grams or less (translation: personal use).

UPDATE: The case was settled for $50 fine.

The athletic department released a statement, the posting here was delayed by traffic, my need for a colada and enjoyable parking lot conversation with two fans:

"FIU Athletics is aware of an incident involving one of our student-athletes. We are in full cooperation with the University Police Department and its investigation. Per athletics deparmtne policy, there will be no furnter comment on this incident until the completion of the investigation."

Football head coach Ron Turner said, "I do take matters like this extemely seriously. He will be dealt with in an appropriate manner."





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Well.. $hit

tweets about recruits being taken to strip clubs, arrests for marijuana possession...these student athletes better wake up!

Wow! Wake up gentlemen.

Looks like the team neither respects nor fears the coaching staff.

Lizzie, oh really, tell me why. I guess that several Alabama players who were suspended for pot possession at the beginning of last year neither respected nor fears that staff. Quit being stupid.

Not just writing about the pot possession, moron, I mean Mike. The strip club issue, players wanting to transfer out, and God knows what else. I'm hoping it's not a pattern.

It's a small amount. The kid has no record and should do some community service. No big deal. Minor mistake. Roll it up,smoke it up,inhale, exhale!

lol Roary!!!!!


Prince Matt. He played with Jake in HS, these guys better start taking care if each other.

That is one ugly dude...

El tipo es Un pepillo... galan de telenovelas !

Chiapanther you are a fool. He did not play High School football with Jake.

@ REALLY??? this is all you can see in this? really????????????
@ Lizzie please don't make yourself believe that the strip club thing is not part of 90 plus percent of if not all Football recruiting operations. Silly rabbit

@WOW... I can see a lot in this but I am beyond tired of FIU Athletics right now. All I can do is laugh and make light of an embarassment of a winter. Get off your high horse.

The Herald is an embarrassment, it more that obvious that thete is an anti-FIU agenda. Sorry for Prince Matt, he didn't need to be embarrassed this way in the paper for what he did. DJN you should know better than this.


Everyone knows you have a major man crush on Pedro GAR-SEE-YA.....Better set up that backpage.com ad so the two of you can have that secret rendezvous. He's on the clock with the FIU BOT and his buddy only has 6 more weeks as chairman.

Better go get it playboy.

@ Lshayne,

I stand corrected Prince played at Manatee and Jake Medlock and Derrick Thorpe played at Flecher HS together.

Sorry, my memory at 7 am with out coffee is not that great...lol

But my second part still holds... Help each other..

Yea it seems like the Herald and David J Neal is doing there best to bring down FIU. only wanting give major coverage to show mistakes that these YOUNG ATHLETES make. they are still kids and you are just trying to destroy them


DNJ, why don't you make the pictures bigger? You're like a big kid who only picks on kids 5 years younger than you. What are you trying to prove by embarassing these 18 to 22 year olds? Its one thing to report the facts and another to go out of your way to try to embarrass someone. Very low class.

Now go eat your Cheerios with that silly grin on your face.

I agree that the pictures could have been bigger but that guy is one ugly SOB.

It's a possession charge, who cares? I'm a hater and I like FIU more than DJ Neal does.

Why are you idiots mad at DJN for reporting a story. In Gainesville their is a story about a kid who also got arrested and I see the posters over there are talking football not the arrest.

You should be mad at the kid not the messenger! His parents must be really proud as you idiots will be when your own children will do it to you.

Come on Prince lets get right 4 the up coming season , we need U !

Yep, I'm trying to ruin the kid. Just like I tried to ruin every Dolphins player whose arrest or eviction (yes, eviction) I wrote about, every Marlins or Dolphins player whose DUI I wrote about, every Panthers player whose arrest I covered, every high school kid whose arrest or shooting I covered...

I ran his mugshot -- which is available online. That's the size of the mugshot available online. We did the same with Dolphins cornerback Will Allen when he was arrested on South Beach and in the Pre-Trial Detention Center.

Don't be silly, Southpaw. If I wanted to embarrass these kids or, really, anyone in the athletic department, I could do that before my second bowl of cereal each morning. Which wouldn't be Cheerios -- far too bland.

Could've at least thrown a"kids will be kids" line or some kind of commentary like you do on other posts - a man with as much appreciation for breakfast cereal as yourself must sympathize, this arrest might be news but it's not a big deal, doesn't speak to the guy's character any more than an underage drinking charge would.

Society says he owes $50 for his transgressions, being plastered on this blog over the National Signing Day recap with no accompanying story is a worse punishment than he deserves.

Just my opinion, DJ Neal runs ish around here, we just live here. King Kong ain't got ish on DJ Neal.

Publix has buy one get one on all Captain Crunch products right now. At least they did two days ago- not sure if the sale is still on.

^^^^^^^good one

You should all be ashamed of yourselves and this (so sadly) explains why this country is in the shambles it is in. WHOEVER commits a crime should be ready to pay. So now it's the reporters (DOING THEIR JOB) fault? Are you kidding me? I see your kids everyday and I'm disgusted. The self entitlement, the helicopter parents - you are raising idiots and I cringe when I think of how much worse this country is going to get b/c of you. No accountibility, yeah, that's really good. So, that said, I do have a child and he is being raised to be accountable for his actions AND that every action has a reaction so he better be prepared for whatever he brings to himself and his family - 100% disclaimer. Now, FIU does have a serious issue. The coaches before didn't sleep to ensure the boys did what they were supposed to ON AND OFF the field - they did not get paid enough to do what they did but they did it because they were not only coaching a team, they were trying to teach boys how to become men. I like Honey Bunches of Oats myself.

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