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Reports: Silas Spearman commits

The recruiting reporters up in Palm Beach say that Seminole Ridge running back Silas Spearman gave his verbal word to FIU at the start of his official visit today.

Spearman ran for 1,258 yards and 12 touchdowns this year. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel named him their Class 8A-6A Player of the Year. Spearman isn't rated by ESPN, Rivals.com or Scout.com. He's 5-10, 190.


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These are the most 0 star players we've recruited that I can remember since the Strock days. My faith in PG and his decision making waivers further with each one.

Yeah, but I'd feel a lot worse if any of those hot shot recruits had done diddly squat last year

This is a great pickup!!! Welcome to FIU Silas!

I concur. Silas, may you have a great ride.

Sec 112 ready for Silas to run wild!

Silas is the real deal.. Checkout his highlights and you will see why other FBS schools was interested.... http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1266347/

Cuts well. good balance. Has size + runs with power. speed seems sufficient. can block. there sure must be a lot of good backs out there if this kid is off the radar. or maybe it is as our guru David says. recruitin ratins don't mean nuttin. .

Completely agree, FIUer

Agreed FIUer... Diagodog I love how you act like you know what you're talking about. You crack me up! Just like everyone at FIU I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this recruiting class is just extremely underrated and has surprising success!!! We're supposed to be taking the next step as a program. That's why we fired Cristobal right? Well, this recruiting class should reflect our step up and unless everyone else is wrong and Diagodog is right I see this class as a step back. Better than I expected but still doesn't appear to be a step up. Just my opinion.

Just offering an opinion, my friend. If they don't have an OL it won't much matter who is in the backfield.

And, what would make you think a guy hired around Martin Luther King Day would have a "step-up" recruiting class? I think they hired Turner in hopes he can coach a little better than the last guy. Who knows about that? But while you rant in response, how about you tell me all the great things the last few recruiting classes accomplished last year?

Diagodog I apologize because I know I haven't been clear. My problem is that we fire a guy whose recruiting classes led us to two straight bowl games- then we have one bad year a year that was a few plays away from being completely different...remember how we played against Louisville and how they played against UF??? And we completely forget that we are FIU!!! We fire him after one unsuccessful year because we are trying to take the next step as a program... ok, good go get that guy. Then our esteemed director of sports and entertainment takes until MLK weekend to hire a new coach (great point on your part)! I am not hating on Turner... in fact, I feel bad for him. It is our AD or whatever he wishes to be called that has failed the university.

Turner wasn't the first, second, or third choice... PG had his back against the wall. That is why Turner is our coach. I hope for the best but I can't help but be upset with how this entire winter (basketball exception) has gone for FIU Athletics.

Hasn't been great, I will grant you. Let's see how the team looks on the field. It was pretty clear from day 1, watching the Boston College game, that someone with basketball smarts was running that team at long last. Maybe we will be pleasantly surprised come Fall.

Meant to add that I would be happy if we so much as bring in a kid who can snap the ball. Pretty hard to get past that as a first step.

Remember Don Strock? Ithink we were into year 2 before anybody kicked an. extra point.

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