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Sandley Jean-Felix to Marshall?

Perhaps FIU's most noted fall commit was Lauderdale Lakes Boyd Anderson offensive tackle Sandley Jean-Felix, rated a high three-star recruit.

But Jean-Felix committed to FIU under the former coaching staff. And the offensive line coach from that staff, Alex Mirabal, is now at Marshall and Jean-Felix visited there recently.

Don't be surprised if this is a verbal commitment that doesn't make it to Wednesday.


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Based on what? You are speculating bad news again. No value in this. If you want to learn what is supposedly wrong with our athletics you read this blog, never good news.

I heard of that possibility over the weekend too.

I liked Mirabal, who to me led the most consistent unit at FIU.
Even still makes you wonder why the OL line didn't dominate in 2012.
5 Seniors who had allowed a conference low 15 sacks in 2011.
Why mess with the line and change center? Why spent half the summer working the guys at differnt possitions.

Hopefully Sandley JF will stay. FIU offers open competition and a very expirienced OL coach. I'm looking forward to seeing Edence S, Trenton Saunders, Prince Matt, Jordan, and potentially Flaig and Rivera battle for starting jobs.

As always...Go Panthers.

Relax mr. blue&goldheart... DJN didn't write an article on this he just posted it on the blog. Blogs serve that purpose!! Plus his visit to Marshall this weekend is reason enough to speculate. DJN you're the man. Hopefully we don't lose this kid.

Blue&GoldHeart, its been mentioned in www.fiugoldenpanthers.com that he was not coming to FIU. Stop hating on DJN for doing his job and focus your attention on your Cristobal voodoo doll.

FIU: We hear director of football operations Joey Corey is leaving the staff. 

-per Football Scoop

I mentioned that last Friday in the FIU message board. We haven't seen Jean-Felix visit or plan to visit FIU. Right after the MC firing he stated he loved FIU because of the coaching staff, then later on he stated he didn't think or know if he was still committed to FIU, still prior to the Turner hiring, and was focusing then only in Bethune Cookman.

If you only have a little common sense, you could see this coming ever since MC's firing. It was, unfortunately, to be expected, and now with Mirabal at Marshall, he can have another viable choice.

Chia, what about Khoury and Nelson, thought they were competing for the tackle spot


Hey Coach, I was talking to some of the other guys who follow FIU football closely and both of us think that between now and Wednesday, you ought to consider asking every recruit, "Do you like to hike the ball?" Because last year, the coaches made this kid who wanted to be a wide receiver--or maybe it was quarterback--do it, and he took it out on the coaches by throwing the ball in the dirt a couple of feet behind him as often as he thought he could get away with it (which turned out to be a lot, actually). So anyways, while you are doing all you can to get those decommits from Alabama and USC like some of the rest of us have been suggesting, give it some thought. Or maybe ask at the first team meeting, and unless it is Jake Medlock who holds up his hand, maybe that is the way to go? Just a suggestion. Meantime, good luck out there these last couple days.

The official source of FIU information: www.fiugoldenpanthers.com. Funny.

I am not saying it's not possible that he decommits and go to Marshall or any other school. My problem is that this speculation and DJN only speculates on the negative side.

How is that negative to hear decommitment? This happens all the time to all schools. this kid is not the first one to do so and certainly won't be last in the future of FIU recruiting. You're the one that keeps posting negative comments about how DJN's "subjective" blog correlates with MC's firing lately. If you don't like this blog then don't read it. Thanks for the update DJN.


I only reference the guys that popped into my head from previous classes... Not looking at a Roster sheet.

At anyrate, of course them to. Open competition new staff no bias.

Go Panthers.

It's funny to me that so many people try to throw the coaching staff under the bus. Alex Mirabal was one of the best coaches on that staff and I was able to see that while I played DB. Some changes needed to happen but, not like this. FIU was making progress and garnering nationally notice. One bad season doesn't whip the the two bowl appearances. I Hope FIU can be respectable next season.

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