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The Departed: Cristobal and Cyprien; Coley Player of the Week (again)

Well, that was a busy hour.

After my cell phone battery drained waiting to ask NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock about what safety Johnathan Cyprien has done to move up his draft board to the No. 3 safety, I saw I had a text message from a source that former FIU coach Mario Cristobal was bouncing from his still-new University of Miami job to Nick Saban's Alabama staff to be offensive line coach.

I know Cristobal considered it a tough decision as he pondered late last week whether or not to make this move. Not so much on football and resources, obviously, but leaving South Florida for Tuscaloosa.

As for Cyprien, Mayock said he's part of the deepest draft for safeties in the last three or four years and thought he made great sense for Washington to draft.

"He could start immediately for the Washington Redskins," Mayock said. "He can play both (free and strong safety) but I like him at free."

And Washington's probably got a broader mind toward Sun Belt talent than most organizations. They have to deal with Dallas' DeMarcus Ware (Troy) twice a year and just got a sixth-round steal in FAU running back Alfred Morris.


Junior guard Jerica Coley put in 63 points in wins over Troy and Western Kentucky, shot 54.8 percent from the field in doing so, pulled in 14 rebounds and added six -- assists, steals and blocks, each. So the Sun Belt named her Player of the Week for the fourth time this season.


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Congratulations to Coach Cristobal. As I just read online, he's gone from worst to first. A writer called FIU Athletics as one of the worst managed programs in the country. He is correct. Between the Isaiah Thomas debacle and the poorly handled termination of Cristobal for a Butch Davis who told his friend yes than no, FIU Athletics is an embarrassment.

Embarrassment or not FIU is free of it's financial obligations to Mario Cristobal. That's 450K that comes off the books.

TODAY IS A GREAT DAY FOR FIU and A good day for the SEC!

You are wrong. FIU must pay Cristobal one year of salary no matter what he earns at another school. If he didn't work this upcoming season, FIU would have to pay two years of salary. FIU has big egg on its face and a big check to cut to Cristobal, who will earn more at Bama than he earned at FIU for sure. FIU must change its AD spot soon.

Love that Cristobal left that place! Eases the unexpectedness of PG canning him...would have been unpleasant to watch him succeed over there (albeit unlikely) after we fired him. See ya later MC...watch out for the fire blasts while crossing those bridges.

They are printing T-shirts: From worst to first.

Good for Mario, though it should be pointed out that he will probably make similar to what Stoutland made, $390,000, not more than he made at FIU.

And he'll go from Alabama to another head coaching job in no time.

Still can't believe FIU fired him.

At RJ:
Bonuses pushed that over $500,000, still cheap for the job and the market. According to Cristobal’s contract, FIU now owes him $906,366 if he doesn’t get a job next season. If he does, FIU owes him one year’s base salary plus a pro-rated amount.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/12/06/3127787_p2/fiu-fires-football-coach-cristobal.html#storylink=cpyr

Yeah, I got that... still saves 450K what about my statement did you know comprehend. So he gets 450k from FIU not 900K. Thanks, SABAN!!

Not only is he recruiting the 5-star local guys away from UM, but he eliminates the sum of 450k to be paid later. PG may need to go too, I'm not arguing that. But today was indeed a good day.

Plus what happens if the OL all of a sudden doesn't put up that numbers that the last TWO National Championship teams did? Just saying AL only has one way to go.

^^^ did you NOT comprehend.

What does recruiting 5 star guys away from UM have to do with FIU?


Must we do this again? It's fun for me. I enjoy all college football. The rivaries, the trash talking, the second guessing, the recruiting. I read as much as I can on all programs... so yes. Part of my love for college football is hating on (FS/FA)U(F/SF)......
I enjoy the misery accross the street...I've enjoyed reading the articles on the investigations over the last two years.... I'll enjoy reading the upcomming results... I'll enjoy listening to all the complaints from callers to all the morning/evening radio shows on my drive to and from work.

But, ultimately what do you care what I enjoy?

Let's just pinpont the problem at FIU: Pete Garcia. Enough of his shenanigans already. He needs to be terminated. FIU has black marks because of his antics.

Pete Garcia is another topic for another conversation, this conversation is about MC taking the job at AL.

Mr. Robert Claiborne will come in an say that in 2014 PG will have another 450k singles to spent in Las Vegas with Maury.... I think the DJN is still investigating? Hopefully, DJN doesn't take as long as the NCAA did across the street.

Everything about MC taking the job is a good thing for TODAY'S FIU. Congrats ex-coach... good business decision.

Ok.. got to turn on the radio on my drive home and bask in all things COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!

talk to you guys later...about 10'ish after helping the kids with school, eating dinner, and enjoying some home time.... lol

chia, pretty sure RJ_MJ17 is Robert Claiborne.

I guess even for a former UM guy the meida at his alma matta stunked so much he had to bounce beofre it got knee deep.


Thanks for the reminder of our epic failure from others receiving votes to 3-9. Also see the 26 total yards of offense in the second half against FBS transitional South Alabama, see double OT win against Akron, see 10 point win against an FAU team that did not belong on the same field pound for pound with us....

I'm very much aware...

@jules, lol... If RJ_MJ17 isn't Robert than they are at-least cousins.


Chia, you owned the day and naysayers.

Congrats to Coach Cristobal are in order. Wishing him the best at Alabama.

Roll Tide!


Like Ice Cube said:
" Just wakin up in the mornin
gotta thank GodI
don't know but today seems kinda odd
No barkin from the dog, no smog
And momma cooked a breakfast with no hog (damn)
I got my grub on, but didn't pig out
Finally got a call from a girl I wanna dig out"

But that was Yesterday..which now feels so long ago (Beatles..circa Boyz2Men)

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