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Tim Thomas coming to visit

No, not the former Bruins' gardien de but, but an offensive guard out of Crowley (Tx.) High.

The 6-5, 325-pound Thomas calls himself an "FIU commit," is coming on an official visit this weekend, but already did the letter of intent signing pose with several teammates for a newspaper photo a few days ago. Of course, many of those "signings" for photos are ceremonial with the actual letter already having been faxed to the school. Or, sometimes, just elsewhere even if Mom doesn't run off with it.

Anyway, FIU says no Tim Thomas has signed yet. Thomas isn't rated by Scout.com or Rivals.com. FIU still has seven scholarships to dish out this year.


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That's a big man!! Does anyone know if there is a cut off point when they have to use all the scholarships?

There is no immediate cutoff, they can use their remaining 2013 schollys all the way till next year, provided the player enrolls and is on campus by the Jan 2014 semester.
As far as the player, you can't teach size, but he's got a lot of work to do. He's a little slow, plays way off balance, and that's a lot of poor blocks for a highlight film.

Will FIU be allowed to use these scholarships for existing walk on players or does that come from a different pot of allocations? There are several young men who have proven themselves as walk on players and have not been placed on scholarship.

85 total scholarships, no matter how you get to that number. I'm not sure if medical exceptions come out of that or not.
I agree, it would be better to give the scholarship to a walk on who has busted their butt and proven themselves rather than take a flyer on someone who has a less than 10% chance of contributing (Not referring to the kid above, just a general statement)
When you give a walk on a scholarship it provides a boost to the entire team, including the rest of the walk on's who see that their hard work can be rewarded.

if he cant play OLine then he can play defense..


Any word on the monster 6'8"/375 lb tackle that visited FIU last weekend ? I'm told he bench pressed over 500lbs and squated over 650lbs. Apparently, never played college ball but recently had a stint in minor league wrestling, so we know he has perfected the suplex and body slam manuevers.

We didn't get him, but you should see the pickup the baseball team got, some kid named Sidd Finch

+1 for think about it. I was so busy that spring -- senior year of high school while working 30-40 per week at MickeyD's -- that I didn't read that issue until after the letters appeared on the story two weeks later. Even so, as I read the story, I thought, "Is this serious?"

I gusee that makes me a couple years older than you. I was playing baseball in college. This was before youtube and the internet. I remember a few days of our pitchers trying to figure out how cricket bowlers threw before we found out it was a hoax. good times.

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