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March 05, 2013

Towers Trouble

Stuff like this is why the football team eventually will be moved out of The Towers. From the FIU Incident/Investigation Report:

At 9:58, Feb. 24, an FIU officer was distpatched to a disturbance call at the University Park Towers. Upon arrival, the RA advised the officer that he had witnessed freshman defensive lineman Marques Cheeks and freshman Raymond Jackson shooting each other with two Airsoft rifles (pellet guns) in the hallway. Cheeks and Jackson werne't in their room, but were located via senior defensive lineman Kasey Smith, who is also Cheeks' roommate. Cheeks and Jackson admitted they were shooting each other with pellets. Andre Patterson, the assistant coach in charge of the defensive line, was notified.

Cheeks and Jackson were released to Smith. Both of the Airsoft rifles were confiscated and impounded.

Editorial commentary: stupid, silly horseplay for a dorm hallway. A little bad luck for them and/or someone else, and...


The next night, last Monday, FIU PD and FIU football crossed paths again. From the FIU Incident Report:

An officer was sent to The Towers in reference to a parking lot argument. When he got there, the officer talked to (Victim 1, name restricted on the public copy of the report). Victim 1 said he and his girlfriend were talking in his car, parked in a parking space. Another car rolled and began taunting them to move. Victim 1 said he moved his car and parked it at the entrance to The Towers.

Victim 1 said there was an exchange of words between himself, girlfriend and the three black males who exited the vehicle from which they'd been taunting them. He said one of the three came around his vehicle, reached inside and attempted to strike him at which time he quickly drove off and called police. His girlfriend also told police she got out of the car and began to argue with the threesome. The three then left the scene. Shortly afterwards, during the officer's investigation on the scene, the three males returned to the scene. Freshman cornerback Jeremiah McKinnon, running back Jakhari Gore and sophomore cornerback Richard Leonard were placed under investigative detention.

Gore then provided a voluntary written statement stating that he, McKinnon and Leonard did get into a verbal exchange about a parking space. Gore also stated that McKinnon did reach into the car and attempt to punch Victim 1. Gore also admitted to throwing a can in the direction of Victim 1's car,b ut missed. Victim 1 and his girlfirend visually identified McKinnon as the individual who attempted to hit him. McKinnon was then taken into custody and advised of charges.

McKinnon was charged with felony burglary of an occupied conveyance (because he allegedly reached into a car in his attempt to punch the driver) and misdemeanor assault (because he attempted to punch the driver). He's got a pretrial hearing on Mar. 27.

Editorial commentary: even at FIU, acting the fool over a parking space? 


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