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New court at The Branch

Next week, work begins on the new floor for U.S. Century Bank Arena.

Now, normally, I would just put a picture of it here, but TypePad, which hosts this blog, seems to have gotten testy. Or maybe it's just having a problem uploading stuff from Windows 8, which is what my new laptop has. But perhaps this link below will help things out.





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If it was a mug shot you were trying to upload, I bet you would have figured it out. You would have had a team of Herald employees helping you out.

I'm not a fan of this new trend to have pictures on courts, but I like the that court. Its actually well done.

Come on, SouthPaw. Come on.

I must admit that while I disagree with you SouthPaw, that comment was very funny! Thanks for the laugh at DJN's expense. But, not true, as I don't believe DJN is biased against FIU.

Yes he is. It is obvious.

David, I'd like to hear your opinion on the court. Our current court is blah, however I find this look a little cheesy. If anything, I'd rather see something more bold. More importantly, I want more victories from our awesome young Coach!

On the women's front, does Holey Coley return or will she go WNBA? Go FIU!!!

It should say Miami, FL on it..... in my opinion

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