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Towers Trouble

Stuff like this is why the football team eventually will be moved out of The Towers. From the FIU Incident/Investigation Report:

At 9:58, Feb. 24, an FIU officer was distpatched to a disturbance call at the University Park Towers. Upon arrival, the RA advised the officer that he had witnessed freshman defensive lineman Marques Cheeks and freshman Raymond Jackson shooting each other with two Airsoft rifles (pellet guns) in the hallway. Cheeks and Jackson werne't in their room, but were located via senior defensive lineman Kasey Smith, who is also Cheeks' roommate. Cheeks and Jackson admitted they were shooting each other with pellets. Andre Patterson, the assistant coach in charge of the defensive line, was notified.

Cheeks and Jackson were released to Smith. Both of the Airsoft rifles were confiscated and impounded.

Editorial commentary: stupid, silly horseplay for a dorm hallway. A little bad luck for them and/or someone else, and...


The next night, last Monday, FIU PD and FIU football crossed paths again. From the FIU Incident Report:

An officer was sent to The Towers in reference to a parking lot argument. When he got there, the officer talked to (Victim 1, name restricted on the public copy of the report). Victim 1 said he and his girlfriend were talking in his car, parked in a parking space. Another car rolled and began taunting them to move. Victim 1 said he moved his car and parked it at the entrance to The Towers.

Victim 1 said there was an exchange of words between himself, girlfriend and the three black males who exited the vehicle from which they'd been taunting them. He said one of the three came around his vehicle, reached inside and attempted to strike him at which time he quickly drove off and called police. His girlfriend also told police she got out of the car and began to argue with the threesome. The three then left the scene. Shortly afterwards, during the officer's investigation on the scene, the three males returned to the scene. Freshman cornerback Jeremiah McKinnon, running back Jakhari Gore and sophomore cornerback Richard Leonard were placed under investigative detention.

Gore then provided a voluntary written statement stating that he, McKinnon and Leonard did get into a verbal exchange about a parking space. Gore also stated that McKinnon did reach into the car and attempt to punch Victim 1. Gore also admitted to throwing a can in the direction of Victim 1's car,b ut missed. Victim 1 and his girlfirend visually identified McKinnon as the individual who attempted to hit him. McKinnon was then taken into custody and advised of charges.

McKinnon was charged with felony burglary of an occupied conveyance (because he allegedly reached into a car in his attempt to punch the driver) and misdemeanor assault (because he attempted to punch the driver). He's got a pretrial hearing on Mar. 27.

Editorial commentary: even at FIU, acting the fool over a parking space? 



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bunch of ignorant MF's.

In the past, senior leaders like Toronto Smith, Brad Serini & more recently Jonathan Cyprien use to take the leadership on these young immature players. Let's see who steps up & takes that leadership role this year. They better step up now before these incidents become more problematic. Go FIU!!!

I'm just going to leave this little tidbit here:

Those players were all recruited by Mario Cristobal & his staff.

Carry on...

DJN can you please let us know what the staff is doing to discipline the players? I'm sure the coaching staff isn't letting these incidents just slide...let's just be realistic @Outcome Agent. These problems are definitely not good and they can grow into bigger ones down the road. I thought McKinnon was going to be a good player and Gore seems to be just a waste. Always need to be skeptical when players transfer...

Yes they were recruited by Mario and former staff, what's your point ? He had control of his team, kids feared the consequences. Just ask kids like that moron Leavine, who got tough love from Mario after punching a teammate once. If you are an FIU frat guy, then I'm quite sure you have heard stories about how some players just went away and nobody knew the reasons for months, until people realized names were missing from the roster and Pelegrin verified they were dismissed.

Did Mario have better control over his team or was he better at covering this stuff up?

DJN, congratulations you did again. The campaign continues. If you go to the Miami blog you will never see the beat writer trying to throw UM under the bus every time he can.

This blog really is disgraceful.

Football players shouldn't be living in freshman dorms, that's just asking for trouble.

Airsoft fight isn't a story or an incident. Throwing a punch over a parking space is bad news, I'd boot the CB.

Why is this even news? Outcome Agent get real man... These players were recruited by Mario... He had no more control over the team than the new coach. During his tenure you'll be surprised how many players he kicked off for reasons a bit more severe than this... This is sad but why is this being reported? Is this supposed to be an indictment on the new staff disciplinary structure? Every school has issues with their students but they are only reported to the people who matter and that's the police... Come on now, lets not pile on the program...

I agree with "4Rela" but at the same time its very disapointing that some of our Key players and possible starters are acting like a bunch of idiots. All student athletes go through several meeting from the Athletic Dept explaining the importance of proper behavior outside of the paying field. This kids are getting a FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION. Have some respect for your team, your coaches, your university (which is paying for your education, and YOURSELF!!

I would like to hear ONE pair of good news before the end of teh month about our Football program. Just ONE good thing! Come on!...

Go Panthers!

@Outcome Agent,

I was just joking. These things happen. I think it's a non-story. I was messing with the Herald conspiracy theorists and Turner haters.


Don't look for good news about our school in the Herald. They definitely have an anti-FIU agenda. Unfortunately DJN is part of it.

The kid involved in the altercation in parking probably ought not to be on the team anymore. Who the hell does that ish anymore?

That said, I kind of feel his pain. The Fair makes all of us idiots, re: parking at FIU...

From what i remember way back when enrollment was only 30K plus parking was bee-aaach and cause many tardy days to classes.I guess it hasnt gotten any better!!!!

Ignorant players. If I was RT,I would make them pick up after the ducks in UP..

FIUphan, parking is tolerable when the Fair isn't around. You CAN park somewhere on campus, usually, even if very far, but there's ways to get around besides just walking if you need to. But when the Fair rolls around, it all just gets mad dumb.

Reality has an anti-FIU agenda.

Stay as far away as you can.

I'm not going to look into it Blue&Gold but you might be interested to see how many Sunbelt or Conference USA teams have a designated section at the top of a major newspaper's sports section.

Only team I recognize as being from a major city in C-USA is Houston. They're nowhere to be found in their newspaper.

Like it was stated above, how many players where pushed out by previous staff. How many guys are told no thanks you need to find another home. Ron Turners staff will handle it from here...


Go to the link this happens in every program in this time of year.

Four players were arrested Monday on various charges, including robbery and fraudulent use of a credit card.


In a span between mid-July and late September, four players were arrested for four separate, violent crimes.

Florida cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy was arrested and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, 247Sports.com reported.


We can do this all night. People grow up and realize this isn't popwarner, middle school, or high school. ...

It doesn't appear that schools are taking Emmert very seriously. Since our report was published, at least 90 Division I college football players have been charged with a serious crime. That's about one arrest every other day.
In other words, the situation looks like it is getting worse, not better. Twenty-nine of the players (32%) arrested since March belong to the Top 25 schools that we investigated last season. Seven of these players had previously been arrested, including:
• Virginia Tech receiver Xavier Boyce was arrested by Blacksburg police on charges related to cruelty and injuries to his 1-year-old child. He was suspended from the team. His case is pending.
• Oregon's Kiko Alonso was charged with felony burglary after he allegedly forced his way into a woman's home at 1 a.m. The woman fled and called 911. When police arrived they discovered Alonso inside. He later pleaded guilty to criminal mischief, entered a pre-trial diversion program and was suspended indefinitely from the team.
• Florida cornerback Janoris Jenkins' marijuana arrest in April was his third arrest in a 23-month span. He pleaded no contest and was dismissed from the team.
The severity of the cases doesn't seem to be decreasing either.
• Miami linebacker Ramon Buchanan was charged with three misdemeanors and two felonies, including battery on a police officer, following a disturbance at a Fat Tuesday's. "I'm a UM football player and I don't give a [expletive] what you do," Buchanan allegedly told police. "I'll get out of it. [Expletive] the police." The police report also indicates that Buchanan head-butted an officer. He entered a pre-trial diversion program in April and played in the Hurricane's opener against Maryland on Monday night.
• Miami freshman defensive lineman Jeffrey Brown was suspended indefinitely from the team in May after police in Coral Gables arrested him on felony sexual battery charges. A 19-year-old student told authorities that Brown forced himself on her. Brown's lawyers say he didn't engage in any criminal conduct. The case is pending.
• John Nisby, a 305-lineman for Boise State, was charged with battery after he allegedly choked an individual inside a Boise bar. He pleaded not guilty and was dismissed from the team.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/football/ncaa/09/08/crime.update/index.html#ixzz2Mj7kRNI6

Buchanan tore up Fat Tuesdays for sure, but who hasn't been there?

DJ Neal reported on two offenses in this update, no one bothers to distinguish the nonsense from malicious acts.

I'm glad the teams are left to their own devices in this area. Imagine if the NCAA dealt with this crap like the NBA and NFL do.

I can't believe people on the blog are offended by Neal's reporting of this incident...When a player gets arrested with a felony charge of any kind it is going to make the news! ChiaPanther proves it! Those arrests happened and they got reported! How is this an anti-FIU agenda?? If this was the University of Miami or any larger school the arrests would have made the local news! It makes no sense for fans to be upset with Neal. The players are screwing up and the coaches/police will deal with them. Thank you DJN!

Exactly. There's nothing here.
1. Guys with the airguns learned not to do it on campus. Spend the twenty and hit a paintball field. or buy nerf guns or supersoakers.

2. The parking lot incident could have been much worse. Some anger management some communitty hrs a stern lecture from coach and its done.

Next time I hope Gore or anyother upperclassman will step up and break it up.
But to the "vicims" ... That girl of yours is going to get you your ass kicked one day.
Tell her: Honey Bunny be cool.

In an over crowded parking lot be courteous and pull out of space. Handle your business some place else.

I recall asking to drive people to their cars inorder to find a space. Also following behind people as tbey looked for their cars.

It was DolphinMall chrismass shopping x3 mad.

Be interesting to see Coach T's response. Meantime, I wondering if Gore was being contrite George-Washington-I-cannot-tell-a-lie in his account or was perfectly candid because he didn't see anything wrong with what happened.

But DJN, let's talk about something REALLY important. Why is it that my Herald Sports Section falls apart every morning when I try to turn the page? This morning's edition (like most these days) has one of those page and a quarter folds (where like page 3/4 is a full sheet, but it is also page 11/12 on the other side of the fold, but 11/12 are in the ads section and is only three columns wide front/back so that when you go to turn page 3, the whole thing comes free of the section). Today's section also had a single sheet p 5 front/6 back that, while I was trying to get 3/4/11/12 back into the sheaf, fell out onto the floor where the dog, still recovering from his trip down the lane to get the paper, slopped his water. Have it drying over back of chair so I can read about McIlroy, ie, 2nd half of thrilling Doral account that began on page one written by someone whose name sounded familiar. Anyways, reading Herald in hard copy has become exercise in Origami. Exhausting. Must look into possibility of expensive I pad, but Buc reports further huge cash outlay necessary for Herald subscription. Existential quandry. Couldn't you just ask the ad guys to sell a few more, DJN?

Gotta agree with Chia and Really. These things happen to every school. Some people are just way too sensitive.

LMAO, this is great reading....This is what happens when nobody challenges the FIU Football team as the big man on Campus.. The whole thing with the airsoft guns is a non-story, but for FIU players to get in fights with students must be addressed. I know if one of those FIU Frat guys, or any FIU student did that; they would most likely get kicked out of school by FIU. I hope the same rules apply for this dumbass. FIU is a place of higher learning, not a community college. Just like a previous reader said, this is the old days at South Campus. I remember the first few years of FIU Football, some FIU player decided to shoot as some students; I think it happened there also at the Towers. All it did was make the students hate the football team.

Rosenberg, if Turner turns out to be the next Strock; you need to clean house immediately; you included. FIU needs to get rid of every UM person that is working there. The whole program is filled with UM people who have no idea of what they are doing.

What fight? No physical contact was ever made. A little more personal constraint and a better methods of conflict resolution; YES. Just because they are athletes does not mean they crucified for being human and making a poor spot decision in an daily human reaction. Has no one on this blog never had a verbal altercation? Some action should be taken, but lets be real! Now we are condemning a new regimen, removing the administration, and blaming the UM. Sounds like some "hater" aide is in the water.

DJN you did the right thing reporting this, without subjectivity and based purely on the way Campus Police documented the incident. However, I think Campus Police need to do a better job of being more subjective in there investigation. I still am not sure from the write up at what point the girlfriend got out to the car and began arguing, did she get back in, or did this kid leave her to fend for herself with three males? She may need to find a better man, If he actually ran and left her. Lol

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