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Winning with good junk

FIU's men's basketball team won Thursday night at Lousiana-Monroe to clinch its first winning season in 13 years. For a historically moribund program that 11 months ago hired a 29-year-old coach as it lost transfers, recruits and some players after firing the previous coach, what this team has done thus far equates to putting together a Nationwide Series car out of visits to Monster Joe's and Sanford & Son Salvage.

Understand, there's a difference between trash and junk. Trash leaves on the garbage truck. Trash gets incinerated. No use remains. The junkyard's full of usable parts that maybe just need to be polished up, loved up, adjusted a little and they'll work just fine for what you need. It's how junkyard's turn a profit. FIU coach Richard Pitino found those usable parts outside the program, found ways to use those underused parts inside the program and saw what he had: quickness, athleticism, a couple of shooters, no size, but a number of guys who could go hard for enough minutes.

Statistically, if you're looking for a difference between the 2011-12 eight-win Panthers and the 2012-13 16-win Panthers, it's in two numbers produced by FIU's pressure style. Last year, FIU had 424 turnovers and opponents had 406. This year, FIU's got 428 turnovers, but in a much greater number of possessions as they've helped opponents to 506 turnovers. And with Saturday's regular season closer against FAU and the Sun Belt tournament to go, they've come up with 270 steals against 216 for all of last year.

FIU will have better teams under Pitino. But none that have done as much in such a tough situation as this one.




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Even though I understand what you are saying, I find disgusting your comparison between junk and 19 year-olds student-athletes. I think that a professional writter like you should find better ways to communicate a message without being offensive.
Well in reality this is your 13th time being offensive toward us.

Great job Pitino, great job guys, GO FIU!

Garbage post Blue&GoldHeart.

19 years old?



How do you measure "offensiveness?" Is there a peer-reviewed study that you used? Do you get your spidey underwear all bunched-up when you are offended and that is your barometer?

Really, you are counting? Can you list the 13 offensive comments. Please. Also, are you sure that you know the difference between "wit" (of which DJN has plenty of) and "offensiveness?"

By the way, BGH, I don't disagree with you that a 19-year-old may be upset by the comments in this blog, but to that I say grow a thick skin, it gets much worse in the real world (including the NBA). And you don't think that these players would be playing in the ACC, B1G, etc. if they had the chance? Seriously, you are one big brat. Finally, most of us would rather deal with "junk" that has been polished through hard work and dedication, than with lazy "top talent" that is needy and demanding. I root for, and appreciate, the underdog that works harder than the rest (e.g., Udonis Haslem and others).

Nice post DJN...I think the basketball team has done a great job this year. Pitino, Coley, and the rest of FIU Basketball have all been bright spots this winter.

Oh my god B&G, go back to the FIU message board and stop embarrassing yourself in public.


Thanks or sharing Buc

That bleacher report writer needs to take a pill. Nothing against Cyp, mind u.

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