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Hump Day humpin' to please

A few things from Wednesday morning's football practice:

Quarterback Jake Medlock has done the quick kick out of the shotgun formation in games. Wednesday, he punted out of a normal punt formation. FIU head coach Ron Turner said Medlock is definitely in competition for that job and might very well be the punter come fall, although redshirt freshman Chris Ayers has improved lately.

Medlock got picked off by junior cornerback Richard Leonard during one-on-one drills. But the star fo the day was redshirt sophomore wide receiver Dominique Rhymes, who beat Leonard on one bomb and caught another 30-yarder as well as made some nice mid-range catches.

DeAndre Jasper Tweeted last week the coaches had talked to him about playing cornerback and he wasn't into it. I'm hearing he might be transferring to Appalacian State, where former wide receivers coach Frank Ponce landed.

Another sophomore, Adrian Jenkins, made the switch from wide receiver to defensive back. Turner said Jenkins, who is now at strong safety, suggested the change himself. 

Turner said the on-field activity at next Saturday's PantherFest, which will include a select-a-seat and meet-and-greet with some players, will be a scrimmage more than an spring game. With only 15 practices and coming in brand new, they need to use every session they can for practice.


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I've defending this coaching stuff up until now, but losing Jasper is bad. Real bad. That kid is good. He belongs in the WR corps.

Good enough for FSU, Arizona State, Vandy, UVA, USF, UCF, West Virginia, Ole Miss, Rutgers. Not good enough for FIU? You gotta be kidding.


I would think Jasper makes the most sense at WR.

Looking forward to Panther Fest..I supported MC and the program... Supported Strock and the program and now it's Turner and the Program.

The one constant is THE PROGRAM.

If you have any questions on the offense all you have to do is go visit...door is open all practices are open.

No more #supersecret #OREGONOFTHEEAST of 2012 and select practices in 2010 & 2011.

I've made the time to attend a few and have sat there watching Gore, James Louis, TJ Lowder, etc...make contributions in practice. There are a ton of WRs and shortage on the line, a shortage of QBs, ...

I saw Gore manup and pickup the blitz on tuesday. Rhodes might of been hurt cause he dressed but didnt do contact..

I saw Dyson blow up Lee in DL tackle drills. saw Rosado run with the ones after sitting on @ss for three yrs. Caleb who was an after thought.

Yes Jasper showed flashes with a handful of catches and in kick returns . But, there are so many guys with a clean slate that are busting their ass on that field...

Glanton, Owens, & #13 LB whose name escapes me... No preconceived starters all gotta earn it.

BTW looking at #78 Joseph at Left Tackle appears like a success... getting plenty of reps...

See you guys on the 20th.

Btw, I'm looking forward to Turner and FIU hosting the jrOrangebowl seccion again in 2013.

There has to be a reason they're considering the switch but losing him in general would be bad for FIU. Moving to App State would make sense considering Ponce and Satterfield are running the show and Ponce was Jasper's position coach AND recruiting coach! Ponce has really strong ties to this coaching community.

The only thing that comes to mind might be an inability to remember the routes.

I dont care who recruired Jasper , he needs to earn a starting position , I know 2 kids who was at the U and left because they where not willing to fight / earn a starting positions , nothing is handed to anyone .

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