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Moving Days

That's what this weekend was. Students moving out. Students moving in. Players getting told where to move next.

And guys moving from here to there in 10.63 seconds. That's how long it took FIU football signee Wilkerson Myrtil, out of Orlando Jones, to win the Class 2A state championship in the 100 meters Saturday. Myrtil finished fourth, with a 21.49 in the 200.

In the postdraft frenzy of collecting undrafted free aget clamshells hoping to find a pearl (or, in the case of most, collecting bodies to beat up in training camp, then cut), Current Cleveland Browns signed offensive tackle Caylin Hauptmann and Former Cleveland Browns (Baltimore) signed cornerback Jose Cheeseborough. Junior Mertile's size and athleticism got some NFL scouts attention this season and the Giants signed him.



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WOW.. 10.6 int he 100m and 21.4 in the 200m are both amazing times. Teach the kid how to tackle or catch a ball and you have your self a great pick up.. Nice job.

Neal what would you predict the salery for both Cyp and Williams may be? If he would have been picked with the last pick of the first round would the salery be that much different then being chosen ONE pick into the 2nd round??

First off, congrats to Cyprien.

Second, yes, there is a difference. The NFL moved to a Rookie pay scale, which sets a limit on how much can be spent on each draft spot. It's incredibly complicated, but one of the major factors is that there will NOT be a 5th-year club option in his contract, which could actually work in his favor (allowing him to reach unrestricted free agency sooner). Below is a brief overview of the new system, though not a perfect explanation.



Got a question for you..
I just finish reading some B.S "Poll Question" about choosing ROOKIE LEFT TACKLES for the Dolphins. In the last week I have not seen a single "Poll Question" regarding the FIVE Panthers that signed NFL contracts and the one guy that got pick ONE pick away from the First Round. My question to you is why can't we have the Herald show a little more respect for a player that was chosen 100+ picks earlier then ANY UM player?!?!

BTW this is coming from a Panther fan that does enjoy reading your coverage on the Golden Panthers so please do not take this offensive. But I can guarantee you I will not be a Herald subscriber anytime soon.. Thanks!

Go Panthers!

Why would there be a poll question on FIU players? What is there to ask? Two were drafted, one pretty high, another in the sixth. One guy has a roster spot, probably will start. The other guy will do well to make the roster. A few signed as undrafted free agents, longshots to make a roster, at the same level as major conference middleweights, studs from NAIA schools and Juco studs who never got D-1 playing time. That's not a shot at them. This year's draft/UDFA period says the raw talent at FIU is improving. But slow down. And there was a lot of respect for Cyp -- predraft story, post-first round story, post-pick story with photos and video.

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