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Pete speaks: the highlights

FIU athletic director Pete Garcia spoke to the media Thursday morning on the status of the FIU basketball program.

On a 2014 postseason ban because of subpar APR in 2010-11 and 2011-12, the last two Isiah Thomas years: FIU doesn't know yet, but it's likely.

On future Pitino games: Louisville's still on for next year and Richard Pitino has talked about an FIU-Minnesota game next year.

How soon: Garcia hopes to have a hire within seven to 10 days. He says he wants the best coach possible and is "intrigued by the type of basketball we played this year."


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I mean, let's be honest. How impactful is a postseason ban on a team that didn't even sniff the undergarments of the postseason this year?

Didn't even sniff the undergarments of the postseason. Wow. You're an idiot. They played in the finals of the Sun Belt Tournament and lost by 2 points. They were 3 points away from being the NCAA tournament. Moron.

They had a great year especially in comparison to years past. Miacane86...The ACC was terrible and your canes were just an average team from a down conference. It's a shame that the FIU APR is so bad. I know we keep blaming Isiah Thomas for that but A LOT of blame needs to be placed on the support staff and AD. Division 1 college sports experience turnover and lots of it. FIU needs to learn to deal with it and keep the players in the classroom.


Just to clarify something listed here and also in the article on Pitino leaving from yesterday. Postseason penalties (starting with this academic year 2012-13) are based on a team's Multi-Year(MY) APR score being 930. The point being that the postseason eligibility is not determine primarily on the 2 most recent Single-Year (SY) scores; they are only used IF the MY score is 900 (since that is the initial criteria for determining postseason eligibility).

The multiyear APR after last year was 909. There's less wiggle room than between a stripper's butt and thong. Another year well below 900 will pull the multiyear below 900.


Also consider last years apr thru 2011 included a one year score of 933.
That 933 will be removed from the four year equation this june .

The APR will fall below 900. too many transfers. PG knew what he was doing when he forced Ferg to go pro.

"The multiyear APR after last year was 909."


"Another year well below 900 will pull the multiyear below 900."

Again, true. But that's not what you implied in the article. When I read "On a 2014 postseason ban because of subpar APR in 2010-11 and 2011-12," that gives me the impression that you are saying a 2014 postseason ban will be determined SOLEY by the 2010-11 & 2011-12 SY scores. Not the case. Those are only used as a second option IF the MY score is below 900. Was that just an assumption (that MY would be below 900 & therefore postseason ban would come down to whether or not the last 2 years were 930 or above) that wasn't stated in the main article and this blog post?

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