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Pitino one-and-done; football day change

Another major conference men's basketball program has reached to a surprising Florida mid-major to get its next coach. Word out of Minnesota and the FIU athlete community is the Gophers have snagged FIU's Richard Pitino. 

Word out of FIU is, officially, silence. Pitino hasn't answered calls, texts or messages and, in fact, his voice mail box is full. FIU athletic director Pete Garcia has gone underground similarly the last few days, but will address the media Thursday morning. President Mark Rosenberg's voice mailbox is full. 

Pitino coached FIU to its first winning record in 13 years and the final of the Sun Belt Conference tournament. He accomplished this despite only six players left over from the previous season. Of those, only forward Tola Akamolafe could be called a major contributor and then for only part of the 2011-12 season before he became academically ineligible. 

Following this remarkable coaching job would've been tough, both because FIU will be moving to Conference USA next season and there might be some punishment coming from the NCAA once the 2011-12 APR comes out. Now, it'll be interesting to see which players, if any, go with Pitino to Minnesota. 


The FIU game at FAU has been moved to Nov. 29, a Friday night. Blame TV.


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FIU was always living on borrowed time with Pitino. Sad as it may be to accept, FIU simply isn't the type of school to attract a "pedigreed" coach. At least at present, it's a (very small) stepping stone.

Hey Pete, maybe you can get the guy from Rutgers down here; you love the media hype right? That would be a Pete Garcia move. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Couldn't have happened to a better person, Pete Garcia
I can't wait until this clown gets canned
Maybe Pete can hire another family member of Turner?

The best Coach for the FIU job is Legendary Local Coach Shakey Rodriguez, Give the guy a break he wins every where he goes, which causes other coaches to hate on him, kids love to play for him, he's a players coach, he wants to return and finish the job, he will have all the best players in dade and broward county, including most of his former players will transfer to play for him.... Smart move that will make since, atleast he Willbe here and build another legendary career... You have to know him to judge him excellent guy, besides I know he will do a great job, because this might be his last job

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