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The Court



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Looks nice polished!

Thanks for the video, David. I like the way it is looking.

The court could have looked nice, but the large green palm fronds ruin it. The palm shadows in the artists design were more subtle and natural looking. The final design doesn't match the artists plan and it now looks like there are gigantic palm fronds laying unnaturally on the beach. Just another example of how FIU leadership can't get the little things right.

And for the moron who wrote the Herald's article on Patrick Jean saying "Patrick Jean turned down 11-2 Louisville to play for 3-9"' that is complete garbage and biased reporting. When Patrick Jean committed to FIU, Louisville had finished the season at 7-6 and FIU was 8-5. And FIU had beaten Louisville that year at Louisville on national television.

The Herald's reporting of FIU is a complete, unprofessional joke.

Palm Fronds should go......going to cause a lot of problems for players and officials.

Who is the new coach??

Court looks awesome but who are the final few choices for Head Coach right now?!?!

Its going to be hard to beat the "Pitino hire".. Maybe we can get the father now. Lol

Real treat. Thanks for the video!

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