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Coley Honorable Mention All-America again; Tuesday morning at La Cage

Junior guard Jerica Coley, the nation's leading scorer and the biggest all-around good guy since Tom Slick, was named Honarable Mention All-America by the Associated Press for the second consecutive year.

Coley scored a school record 840 points, a nation-leading 26.3 per game, this season. That as 42.9 percent of FIU's offense, a ridiculous total. She also led FIU in blocked shots and steals.


After handling birthday duties and searching for wireless access (old AT&T antenna doesn't fit new laptop), here's some tidbits from this morning's football practice:

Linebacker Leroy Owens seems back in the fold. Sources from the previous administration said Owens was suspended last season, but not booted from school. I'd heard he probably would transfer. Head coach Ron Turner said Tuesday that Owens was taking some time away from the team to "take care of personal matters" and "focus on academics." Tuesday was his first practice with the team after two weeks of conditioning. Owens might be the most talented of the linebacker recruits from 2012. Retaining him would be a big plus.

As I'm writing about for tomorrow's Herald online and print story, increasing the raw numbers of offensive linemen is a priority. Dieugot Joseph, recruited in 2012 as a defensive end, has been moved to left tackle and was taking second team reps. Other conversions might be coming.

Best catch of the day went to DeAndre Jasper's diving grab of a bomb from E.J. Hilliard behind three defenders. That prompted a yell of "Nice catch, 83! Can't wait to see you on Saturdays!" from the defensive sideline.

The number of false starts and fumbled snaps, the latter particularly between Donald Senat and Jake Medlock, more than irked Turner and prompted some afterschool work by the quarterbacks and centers.

Cornerback Jeremiah McKinnon picked off a pass that looked like a throwaway. In one of those "Yep" moments, wide receiver Rocky Vann caught a short cross, got hit, fumbled and safety Justin Halley showed his tendency for coming up with turnovers by scooping up the ball.


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In other words the Defense (which was our weakness last year) is playing football, and our offense is coming out to watch.. OMG!! Come on!!

Go Panthers!

A new offense takes a lot longer to develop than a new defense...DJN when will we know about the academics and who will be eligible for next season? Is that a summer thing? Reason I am asking is because of the Jakhari Gore article. He would be a HUGE plus but I thought you said he had academic problems. FIU could use him in a lot of ways!

All the guys with potential academic issues are actively practicing.
WW, GC, JG, etc...

Hopefully that means that the coaches are confident they will be elligible.
Or atleast most of them.

Gooch7 if you recall the 30 senior led defense crushed Crammaeus OregonOfTheEast offense that was installed last year.

Even as the offense in 2012 never became that explosive. And the OregonOfTheESt is now a puchline, they were still statistically on par with those 2011 & 2010 bowl game offenses...

No doubt that coach Shanck will get the most out of theOL and with an additional blocker to buy the QBs one more second to make adjustment.

I love the older coaches Steve and Andre...

Djn, thanks for updates keep them coming

DJN, just read the story about the O-Line; it is troubling to see the covers so bare at O-Line. If Turner is bringing the pro-system in here, with a bunch of High School O-Lineman; then we are pretty much screwed. Maybe that is why Metlock said that the plays are pretty much the same as last year. Do we have a fullback on the team? I really hope that on 3rd & 1 we are not going to run it from the shotgun like we have in the past 4 years. Is there anything that the offence is doing that resembles a pro-style offence?

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