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"What now?" asked the boxer...

Unlike Marcellus, we can't exactly tell you what now.

Raymond Taylor, the guard sitting out this season after transferring from FAU, summed FIU's dilemna up when he Tweeted Wednesday afternoon, "Wow!!!! What's my next move!??"

Nobody saw Richard Pitino staying at FIU until his face possesed the topography of age etched into his father's. He'd learn the head coaching craft here in the minor leagues of major college basketball, learn how to get players to come to college basketball's Congo and keep them eligible, how to compete with very limited resources and the nuances of being a program's face.

Then, either Billy Donovan would leave Florida or Rick Pitino would retire from Louisville and Richard the Second would get called up.

Nobody anticipated an 18-14 season. Nobody thought a major conference would even look at a first-year FIU coach, even if his last name has been attacted to national championships. Now, though, FIU's almost back to where it was a year ago, if more talented and athletic on the court. They might be in an even worse situation -- if the 2011-12 APR is as bad as I've heard it is, FIU could be banned from postseason play. No conference tournament, no shot at the NCAA Tournament.

Junior guard Malik Smith, a junior college transfer and team leader who ranked 16th in the nation with 3.0 three-pointers per game, posted on Instagram Wednesday night, "Thanks to FIU for the opportunity to do something special and help turn a program around. With that being said, I'll be asking for my release some time next week and taking my talents to a different university. Coach Pitino helped show me what hard work was and I'll forever appreciate it. With him and the rest of my teammates the best in the future. Everything happens for a reason." 

So here's what Pete Garcia gets for making a hire that worked better than anybody had a right to expect: the chance to do it again. And he might need to in the worst way.

Or, with the football program rebuilding also, he might lose his Camp Mitch privileges.


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Cant blame him , the only thing I would hate in Minn is the weather , the $ , facility and 2 get player 2 go there is better , he did awesome the only year here , I wish him luck .

Mr. Pete Garcia, what goes around comes around. Can't ask Pitino to be loyal when showed zero loyalty with Cristobal.


FIU was a revolving door of transfers during the Thomas years. Eric Fredrick, Richaud Pack, Alex Legion, Martavis, etc....
Before them was Freddy..
And after the firing was Taylor, Ferguson, Gilles, & Tanner.

The APR will be brutal and I fully expect all the above, will be surprised otherwise.

This should mark the end of Pete Garcia's tenure at FIU.

Minnesota in one place where the Basketball coach earns more than the football coach. Goodluck pitino

Good Luck Pitino...They did some exciting things this season. I imagine the football team's APR won't be anything to be proud of either. That could mean school wide penalties right?

You can never go wrong with a Pulp Fiction reference.

Ray Taylor isn't playing anyway. He foolishly left a great situation at FAU, and declared for the NBA draft - game over for him.

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