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Brown leaving town?

Hearing that sophomore defensive lineman Fadol Brown, who had four sacks and a fumble recovery in the spring scrimmage, is going to transfer. Itawamba Community College in Mississippi could be his landing spot.

I was told months ago, right after Mario Cristobal's firing, that Brown wanted to transfer. But Brown stuck it out through the spring and looked like one of the possible bright spots for FIU going into their first Conference USA season.  


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It's going to get ugly this year with no reserves and no experience. Wow. Just wow.

Hmmm. As in it wasn't ugly LAST year?

Thats great, and I happen to re-new my Season Tickets today. Who is the dumb ass now?!?!

Hurts to see the Football program and a lot of the other sports get down to this level. Just 2 or 3 years ago we where winning conference championships in a couple sports, winning bowl games, new facility for basketball/volleyball, players drafted in the very early rounds, etc.


Pete Garcia must go!!!!

I wonder if he was one of the 9 players that was reported to be academically unable to start the season , because that don't make no sense to go to JUCO when he was expected to be a key player at a D1 school .


Grades, lack of depth, a new system (which actually might be way better then the old system), and many other issues will keep this team from being among the Top teams in C-USA..

Regardless I got tickets for the entire family. Proud Panther!

Lets go!

Heard a crazy rumor that Richard Leonard, Jakari Gore, AND Willis Wright are all ineligible for the first four games. Hopefully it's not true.

PLP: I will not comment on rumors that I've heard but have been unable to confirm.

David, is pete garcia on the hot seat?

Brown was eligible. Finished with a GPA just under 3.0....
Leonard, Wright, and Gore. ..

Gore- will never ever be eligible. No shot.
Wright and Leonard-they've hired some "specialist" from UM to work with both of them.

Hate to see Brown leave... I was told by some previous staff members that he had some real potential. I've also heard some bad rumors about the academics and the overall attitude of the players. Sounds like Turner needs to get his own players inside the building. Once he gets some of his guys maybe things will change. Until then...

Pete Garcia is a POS
He fired a great football coach when he fired Cristobal

Now we have to look forward and see that the kids at FIU were already becoming a problem before this new staff even walked thru the door. It is going to take a while but I believe that FIU can bounce back from this because at the end of the day there is more than enough talent in South Florida to field 35% of the BCS schools it is now these new coaches jobs to recruit them.

I got July 19 in the Pete Garcia gets fired/quits pool

rosenberg needs to rid fiu of pete garcia and soon after step down himself

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