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Deric Hill leaves FIU, Malik Smith, too

FIU's top three-point shooter, Malik Smith, who announced he was leaving FIU as soon as Richard Pitino took the Minneosta head coaching job then reconsidered, is following Pitino to Minnesota he announced Wednesday morning.

Walk on sophomore point guard Deric Hill ranked 17th nationally in steals per game for FIU this season, leading the Panthers to a No. 8 team national ranking. Hill sparked the defense coming off the bench at midseason as a frenetic, continuous thievery threat and proved indispensable to FIU's stunning run to one game short of the NCAA tournament.

Apparently, that wasn't good enough for a scholarship or to keep him at FIU. The South Miami High graduate will be transferring to Barry, a move first reported by FIU Student Media.





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Really sad to see Hill go. Even though he was by far the shortest player on the court (regardless of who we played) he is a ball of energy. Plays a very fast game, and can steal and pass very well. Wish him all the best at Barry.

The men's team should be pretty darn good next year, specially if they can pick up at least one Big man at Center. They have the speed and outside shooting skills but very few players over 6'8..

Go Panthers!

Pete Garcia and Mark Rosenberg needs to go!!

Sorry to switch this to football but any word on Jasper transfering out? You reported on him wanting to leave at some point but I don't remember anything being official. Also would love any updates you have on the NFL guys and their rookie training camps... Its hard to follow them especially the guys who signed as free agents. Thanks for the good work DN!

"belches of picturesque" - they need to get you off this beat DJ Neal, you're the best color guy in the department and Joseph Goodman is just all around terrible, no one reads him, everyone follows the Heat on ESPN.


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