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Junk from the football trunk

After the Giants rookie minicamp, safety Junior Mertile went from rookie tryout status to signed for training camp. So he'll get a shot. A longshot, but a shot.

Meanwhile, the Ravens jettisoned cornerback Jose Cheeseborough after rookie camp.

Although Monique Garcia's still listed as the athletic department's Assistant Director of APR on the FIUSports site, a few different sources said Garcia left weeks ago. They seem to think it portends even more trouble than expected on the APR front for football and basketball.



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David, is it true that Pete Garcia was stripped of his Director of Entertainment (or whatever it was) title? I heard something about that recently.

Good luck to all the panthers per suing their dreams.

Good luck to the basketball transfers that helped end the run of losing seasons.

Deric Hill I can understand him wanting a schollie.... the opportunity to have a college degree paid for can not be passed away. And frankly, the coaches need to know the available schollies and upcomming sanctions. Plus, there will be potentially Cody Mann and Raymond Tailor amongst the schollie point guards so its tough to tie another schollie on a PG. Good luck Deric.

Malik may go from starter in CUSA to split time in Minnesota. The reality is if you are good scouts will find you, like Arroyo, Raja, Norris Cole... playing time is the key. Good luck Malik.

I'm starting to hope the above Garcia is not the only Garcia to be sent packing...#timeforaChange

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