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Sources: bad news for Coleman, Perine, Jasper

An FBS football source said academic issues have ended senior wide receiver Glenn Coleman's career at FIU.

I'd been hearing that Coleman barely got himself eligible last season, during which he rebounded from a slow start to average 17.5 yards per catch on 13 receptions. He and senior Willis Wright are as talented a wide receiver duo as you'll find outside of the BCS automatic qualifier conferences -- and better than a few duos there, too -- but didn't start to really get it together until midway through last season (also, FIU didn't do enough to get either the ball earlier in their careers).

When I asked to speak to someone in the football program about the academic status of Coleman and several others, I was told university employees are prohibited from commenting on individual academic situations because of federal student privacy laws.

A week later, I heard a starting defensive player and an offensive skill position player might not be academically ineligible for just the first four games, but the entire season. And, the latter wasn't Coleman, who has removed "Florida International" from his Twitter homepage.

Also, an FBS football source says FIU has denied redshirt sophomore defensive end Denzell Perine's request to transfer to South Alabama and the denial was upheld on appeal. Perine's from Mobile, where South Alabama is located, and cited a family member's ill health as the reason he wanted to be in his hometown.

Another source close to FIU says the school denied sophomore wide receiver DeAndre Jasper's request to transfer to Appalachian State. App State's where former FIU wide receivers coach Frank Ponce landed as the quarterbacks coach.




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The walls are caving in on the athletic department. How does our AD still have a job?

Shocked, SHOCKED I say!

the FIU ad might not have a job much longer bc his golden ticket FAT Albert Maury is no longer chair of FIU board of trustees.

the word going around is that the fiu ad/entertainment clown has been making calls to the nfl and other colleges about job openings....as you would expect nobody is offering him any jobs.

there's always a job as leon medical bus driver.

If these sources are true it is VERY disappointing to hear about Perine and Jasper. If they don't want to be there let them go... they are kids not professional football players. I understand APR issues but that should just put more pressure on the coaches and academic staff to get the players who are still there eligible. Neither school is a direct threat to FIU either. Not like they are transfering to another Conf USA school. Also, sad to hear about Coleman. I thought he had great potential but always underacheived. They have plenty of WRs though... not like a real shortage.

Sad that some of this STUDENT-Athletes can't keep their grades up. The ammount of support athletes get to help them with school is huge. When I was there we had everything a student can dream of, I can only imagine what they have available to them now.

Will this be the Summer of just bad news for our athletic department?!?!? Need some good news once in a while!

Go Panthers!

DJN, could you ever write an article like this....


Heck, go ahead and write it about the entire athletic department, it is in a state of disaster.

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