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Another precinct heard...

Finally grabbed Phil Steele's 2013 College Football Preview. Steele and his staff do the most exhaustive statistical analysis -- some might say overanalysis -- of college football.

They've got FIU at No. 118 overall. By Steele's Stock Market Indicator, which takes into account close losses after a pattern of winning seasons, he gives the Panthers approximately an 88 percent chance of improving their 3-9 record. But, their lack of experience plus what he sees as an overall step up in competition going to Conference USA mitigates the SMI measurement and he expects FIU to have a hard time winning three games.

Only defensive lineman Greg Hickman (second team) makes Steele's preseason all-conference team.




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They lost me when they fired Mario, at least for now.

Eighteen Panthers were selected to Phil Steele's 2012 Preseason All-Sun Belt Conference teams. FIU had seven first-team selections to tie WKU for the most in Conference.

The above was 2012 Phil Steele's prediction for FIU. Inaddition to picking FIU to win the SBC.

FIU finished 2-6 tied with FAU and South Alabama.

This year I'm going to enjoy being surprised by Coach Turner. The QB's having a proven NFL mentor is a plus for FIU. Having someone who may not burn a TO after a TO because of too many men on the field is a plus for FIU.

Ron Turner will do more with MCs recruits than MC could have done this year.

No doubt that firing Mario was a great move but, Ron Turner is getting no help from the players and school to succeed. This season may turn up to be very ugly. Prove me wrong Panthers, prove me wrong!

No help as in how, exactly?

Fire Pete Garcia and Julie Berg ASAP!!! Those two are worthless useless and deserves to be released of duties

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