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APR news, not-so-news (basketball postseason ban), a football departure

 I don't know what happened to this post. Somehow, inserting the Alice Cooper video eliminated the rest of the copy. I apologize.

In summary, the men's basketball team got the NCAA punishment expected for almost a year -- no postseason play in 2013-14, activity time limited to five days and 16 hours -- when the 2011-12 Academic Progress Rate came in at an abysmal 750. That pulled the four-year rate down to 858. The reasons behind the 833 for the 2010-11 school year, one of the factors in Isiah Thomas' firing, was discussed in an April 5 post on this blog. I'd heard stories of players willfully crashing their acadmics after Thomas' firing. Such a comically low APR score all but confirms that happened. Between that and transfers from the program post-firing, there's your 750.

The football team's single-season APR was 932 and four-year was 930. The leading programs on the four-year APR were tennis, 992, and swimming, 986. Women's basketball and golf both put up single-year APRs of 1000.

Football had the lowest four APR aside from basketball. Baseball had the lowest single season APR aside from basketball, 867.


Baseball: multi-year, 945. 2011-12, 867

Men's basketball: multi-year, 858. 2011-12, 750.

Men's cross country: multi-year, 975. 2011-12, 938.

Football: multi-year, 930. 2011-12, 932.

Men's soccer: multi-year, 943. 2011-12, 975.

Men's indoor track: multi-year, 960. 2011-12, 970.

Men's outdoor track: multi-year, 952. 2011-12, 970.

Women's basketball: multi-year, 972. 2011-12, 1000.

Women's cross country: multi-year, 955. 2011-12, 980.

Women's golf: multi-year, 983. 2011-12, 1000.

Women's soccer: multi-year, 954. 2011-12, 958

Softball: multi-year, 967. 2011-12, 935.

Swimming: multi-year, 986. 2011-12, 991.

Tennis: multi-year, 992. 2011-12, 968.

Women's indoor track: multi-year, 957. 2011-12, 928.

Women's outdoor track: multi-year, 960. 2011-12, 943.

Volleyball: multi-year, 973. 2011-12, 932.



Sources close to Camp Mitch say yet another director of football operations, Nick Mehlhaff, has resigned. That's four directors of football operations since January 2012, two in the last five months.



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Thanks for the info DJN. Kind of what we expected in terms of men's basketball, unfortunately.

I said it before. There is NO EXCUSE for any of our student-athletes to be in this situation. While I was there the Athletic Dept did almost anything to keep your grades up. I'm sure now with better technology and more money, the help these kids get is HUGE. Very disappointing news to read being a very proud Alum that has supported FIU Athletics from the second I graduated.

Lets get our head out of our *** and start a change!
Go Panthers!


FIU Forever Inferior to the U! Get used to it!

The really sad part is that was the fifth football departure in 2 weeks; all of them having to do with the football support staff! Yesterday the DFO left on Monday a secretary left last Thursday 2 video guys left including the head video coordinator and sometime last week the assistant dfo left. Word has it besides the fact that the pay is subpar there is a particular assistant coach that is making peoples lives miserable, and can be link to all of the departures.
Here is a sad truth FIU has gone thru 7 different DFO's in 4 years.

I honestly thought Cristobal was the problem (I am not a Cristobal hater) and reason for all of the DFO departures and now Turner is on pace to shatter his record!I think this clears Cristobal's name... The school and athletics department HAS to be at fault. Something or someone needs to change fast! Can we please take charge of this program? The holes that are being dug are getting too deep to turn this around.

Who's that coach making everyone leave? I know of at least one departure that had absolutely nothing to do with anyone at FIU.

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