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Isiah and The APR and the Mid-Major Dance

Former FIU coach Isiah Thomas used a Huffington Post column to fire back at accusations from media and FIU (particularly athletic director Pete Garcia) that he's responsible for FIU's men's basketball's postseason ban for under-the-basement APR.


Some of what Thomas says in the column has been seen here in the April 5 post on this blog. He's right about the post-firing transfers damaging FIU's APR, although they weren't all in protest of his firing. That APR effect is one reason, I believe, some football transfer requests have been denied. Football could be in enough APR trouble next year without that.

Anyway, also note what I put in last week's post on the Board of Trustees Athletic Committee: the men's basketball team's GPA for the two semesters of 2011-12 were 2.18 and 2.16. Not exactly a trend of academic achievement there.

CORRECTION ON JUNE 18: The 2011-12 team GPAs were 2.16 and 2.48.

One member of the committee asked Dr. Phil Moses, director of the Student-Athlete Academic Center, if the problems in football and men's basketball were the academic abilities of the athletes recruited or the support system after they're here.

Look, let's be real about this: the four-star guy with the Stanford-level SAT or ACT isn't coming to FIU. He's going ACC, SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-10. Maybe he gets a wild idea he'd like to be part of the group running the country and go to Harvard or Yale. But he isn't coming to Camp Mitch.

And we all know football and men's basketball coaches at any level get more job security from guys who can do 4.4 on the field or court than guys who can make a 4.4 in the classroom. Coaches at FIU and elsewhere at the "mid-major" level are trying to steal the best players they can from more prominent schools. They usually fail. They must scavange the remains -- a lot of guys who inspire "yeah, but he..." qualifiers. Sometimes, those cautions concern the academic end. But what's a coach to do?

You know: bring the kid on campus. Maybe that support could compensate for any shortcomings in teaching or academic acuity. At least, that's what the coach hopes while running the extracurricular activity that pays for the student-athlete's formal education while perhaps also hindering it.



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The type of kid being recruited has A LOT to do with the problem here. But FIU needs to understand that those are the athletes you're going to attract and they need to be willing to do whatever it takes to make these kids successful. It needs to be a collective effort because these kind of penalties for basketball and potentially football(down the line) are not acceptable. I hope the higher ups can figure something out and fix the true problems.

Isaih Thomas is a liar...

I guess now we know why his peers did not want him in the Dream Team.

In item#6:
" 6. Then, when I was fired by Pete Garcia at FIU, seven scholarship players transferred in protest. This had the biggest effect on FIU's APR, not grades but retention. In fact, many of the students who wanted to transfer were told that they would not be given their releases because it would affect FIU's APR. Seven scholarship students left in anger without getting a release, thus plummeting the APR score."

What? M. kee, Erick Frederick, Alex Legion, and Ricahud Pack all transferred during his tenure.
Gilles, Phil Taylor, & Tanner Wozniak transferred after IT was fired. The funny part is Tanner and Gilles averaged 2 mins per game under IT....

That's the 7. (4) before his firing and (3) after. Richaud pack played in the first two games of 2011 and left to go to D-III or Jucco the next week...lol.Why is he passing the buck and not acknowledging guys like Legion who played in like Three schools and China before comming here.

The only player not allowed to transfer was Ferguson who acknowledge after trying to defame FIU that he was infact having academic issues.. and the weirder thing was that he requested a transfer while IT was coach. A transfer the was denied while IT was coach. He tried to appeal after Thomas was canned and was denied by FIU as well.

Thomas is a liar.

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