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Numbers & the new money man

FIU athletic director Pete Garcia confirmed what tormer Louisiana-Monroe athletic director Bobby Staub told the Monroe News-Star Tuesday: Staub will be FIU's new Senior Associate Athletic Director, a job recently vacated by Alex Duque. Staub and ULM parted ways in April.

Garcia said Staub's responsibilities will be broader than Duque's were. Staub will oversee sponsorships, marketing, the ticket office, sports information and advancement. 

According to Garcia, FIU's overall operating budget for 2013-14 projects total expenditures of $28,711,000 and total revenues of $29,258,000.

As for the recent team GPAs, I obviously need a stronger prescription in my glasses. The information I had in previous posts came from what I thought I saw on the screen during the Board of Trustees Athletics Committee meeting from Student-Athlete Academic Center Director Dr. Phil Moses. But, here's the correct numbers from Dr. Moses, who forwarded to me the chart he projected on the screen for the committee.

Men's basketball the last four semesters, starting from 2011-12: 2.16, 2.48, 2.18, 2.00.

Football the last four semesters, starting from 2011-12: 2.28, 2.46, 2.06, 2.14.

The most consistently strong team, as far as GPA, is swimming & diving followed closely by women's basketball. Both the Aquawomen and hoopsters femme have seven of the last eight semesters over 3.0. Swimming's one exception, fall 2010, was a 2.97. Women's basketball's one exception, fall 2011, was 2.91.



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DJ Neal, I'm always bothered by people who say "college players shouldn't be paid because they're getting an $X education", because they're not.

I also hate that athletic programs' academic success is measured in GPA and graduation rate.

Your education is what you make of it, a "college degree" will get you a job at Wendys over someone with no degree.

What did you major in? How much of the information did you absorb in a useful way? What real world internship experience and connections did you make?

I think it's a travesty that athletic departments (at every school) steer student athletes into sociology and criminology and humanities degrees so that they can stay eligible. They should have four years to play their sport and get their elective credits out of the way and at least two more years to pursue a real major and experience to pad their CV with.

Rant over, my question was whether you have access to a list of FIU football players' majors and whether you might be interested in sharing that with the blog.

I'm always curious to see what players are majoring in for their $X education and that information is almost impossible to find. Lord knows the UM blog isn't coming up with those stats, I've asked them before.

It's not something I can ask for as a public record. But it's probably something I could compile over time.

Thanks, no worries.

Weird that they don't just have that info available though - almost as if they don't care what athletes major in as long as they can stay eligible to play sports...

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