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Wanted: New Pitching Coach

After two seasons, Drew French is out as FIU's pitching coach.

French came from Alabama after the 2011 season. FIU's 2012 staff put up a 4.34 ERA and allowed a .254 opponent batting average. In 2013, with ace Mike Ellis and top closer Mike Gomez taken out early by injuries, those numbers rose to 4.97 and .282, respectively as FIU went 25-30, the first losing season since 2008.

So, there's one job open on the baseball staff.



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Lesson is; when your assistants fail...they get fired.

2012 Worse OL in conference with 5 seniors; 37 sacks allowed
2012 Worse D in the conference with 78% of Redzone trips by opponents resulting in TDs.

Just saying..

Hey buddy how bout correct spelling jackass. You mean worst group!

Lol....true...worst too

BTW it hit me after posting ... nice job taking the alias of FIRED Tight Ends and recruiting coordinator.


"bout"? or is it "about"? Just sayin' Dennis! And leave chia alone, he's one of the good guys, even if he can't spell (wink, wink).

Lol...not spelling...but grammar.

To FIU's credit a didn't acheive an "A" in ENC 1101 nor 1102...


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