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Conference USA Media Day Wednesday

Coach Ron Turner and Jake Medlock are headed for Dallas to take part in Conference USA's football media day. Streaming on the Conference USA Digital Network begins at 10 a.m. FIU's scheduled to be on at 10:10.

Among the other events that have occurred on July 24:

1998 -- My fiancee and I moved into the condo I have now lived in for almost a third of my life.

1999 -- I married she who remains my wife.

So, I'll still be on vacation and celebrating my anniversary instead of breathlessly blogging the way I was from Sun Belt media day a year ago. Andre Fernandez is already in the Metroplex for The Herald.


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Why does this guy,(David Neal) cover FIU, he never has anything but negative comments. My son recently enrolled at FIU and I did not realize how they are constantly bashed by this reporter. I mean really, is this how Miami supports their Universities? Can you guys find a reporter that actually supports FIU?

I guess he's just not creative enough to find the positive in firing guns on campus or disrobing in front of children on a field trip

@Parent, there haven't been that many positive stories coming out of FIU to speak of really for quite some time. What kind of coverage do you expect from our top running back/leading senior getting kicked off the team for firing a gun on campus??! Or the rather humorous naked beach shower incident (You have to laugh at that one)
Not sure if you followed before Neal took the FIU beat but the coverage was exponentially worse and negatively biased.

I love my alma mater, will be at the opening game against Maryland, will continue to support them, and also read Neal's coverage, which is quite balanced in my opinion. If you're looking for a more homer take check out Pete Pelegrin, who also is a good writer and covers FIU sports quite extensively. Unfortunately, our AD's mantra of 'any press is good press' hasn't really panned out over the last 12 months. Hopefully it will turn around in the coming months with the new conference and new coaches.

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