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CUSA Football Kickoff Media Day off and rolling

Hey everyone,

Andre Fernandez here covering the Conference USA Media Day here in Irving, Tx. for David Neal.

FIU and FAU just did their TV interviews at nearby Fox Sports Studios and will be made available to us later on at 1:30 pm. Follow me if you wish on Twitter @andremhsports where I'll post some updates later when we speak to them.

I've already been posting some stuff including comments and pics from the morning session where the media interviewed the C-USA West Division coaches.

Among them were 3 coaches with local ties - Texas San Antonio's Larry Coker (former UM coach), Tulane's Curtis Johnson (former UM receivers coach) and Louisiana Tech's Skip Holtz (former USF coach).

Larry Coker


I asked Johnson about the difficulties FIU coach Ron Turner have faced in an upcoming transition season especially in terms of recruiting in the highly-competitive South Florida area.

Johnson said:

“Coach Turner has a background with [former UM assistant] Greg Schiano. He has some natural ties to South Florida. I think he’s getting back to the roots of South Florida recruiting. Coach Turner is a great offensive mind. He’s going to play some good football down there.”

“One thing, you know when schools are everywhere. You see FIU shirts everywhere down there. They’re getting info from [former UM coach Butch] Davis and Schiano and I think they’re going to do a great job.”



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Politically correct answers. I like it! Lol

Good to see Jake representing our Team.

Go Panthers!

So in the only update from Media Day you post a picture of Larry Coker and an interview with another former UM coach WTF?!

Thanks for the update Andre.

Their interview was made available to everyone as it was happening on the web? Are you telling me that you couldn't get yourself to the studio and go talk to these people. Is this the FIU coverage that the Herald is paying for. Have you seen what Dieter is doing with the Sun Sentinel and FAU, that's how you cover something. This is disappointing. F for effort and results. The other one has been on vacation for the better part of 2 months and just as the season has started he's got another excuse to not do his beat. If you don't like it or can't cover major events then don't do it, but don't let Andre do it either. He's either incompetent or too busy trying to look up ex um anything to focus on what he is supposed to cover. F I U!

Ay yi yi, FIU's new conference has the San Antonio Road Runners in it??

At least somebody is up there. Andre is good guy but Manny's boy, remember guys manny 'bleeds blue and gold'. Lol

Good to see Jake healthy and ready to play some football.

Hey, better San Antonio than Troy, Buc. That travel all the way to Turkey was getting old.

FIUPantherFan, I've been on vacation for the better part of two months? Well, yes, I did take a vacation week when my mother was having triple bypass surgery in Indy. I blogged several times from the hospital. And I did just return from our yearly Fire Island/New York trip...during which I blogged news several times. Not a single editor (all of whom are married) expected me to be at Conference USA Media Day when it occurred on my wedding anniversary and during a vacation I'd scheduled long before CUSA set its dates. As for "not doing the beat"...exactly what have I not written about during this summer chock full o' FIU sports news?

Oh, and FIUPantherFan, there are other things that go on in South Florida sports besides the ups and downs at FIU. The scribes who cover those things take a week or three off in the summer (especially if they have kids) or need days off. So that's why I, who according to you have been on vacation for the better part of two months, covered a few Marlins games, the whole week of Panthers prospect camp, Heat playoff games and will be doing the Dolphins and Marlins the next few days. If that's OK with you...

Thats not ok Neal.

In your absense and posted two former canes coaches while atCUSA's Media Days. I think he was looking for MC.

Next time when you senda replacement, give him the memo dated 12/6/2012

The fellow who dropped by CUSA Media Day did a reasonably good job in the newspaper piece. His contribution to the blog was pretty lame, I will grant; there could have been a little something on the FIU front beyond slapping the Medlock video up there. More galling to me is that two page, front page Sports story on a two-star recruit signed by one of the other colleges in town.

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