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Details, details...and a new director

The FIU police investigation continues into the Saturday night incident that ended with FIU starting running back Kedrick Rhodes being arrested, then dismissed from the team. I'm hearing more players could be involved. The arrest was marked as a "gang activity related arrest" as well as a "fraud-related arrest."

CORRECTION: I was just informed that the marking of the box on FIU police arrest reports under "gang activity related arrest" and "fraud-related arrest" means the arrest NOT related to gangs or fraud.

And, there's still an academic acid rainstorm out there that could corrode the roster further.

From the Rhodes arrest affidavit:

"On the listed date and time, the defendant was exiting his resident hall (Everglades Hall) located on the South Campus of Florida International University. The listed witnesses observed the defendant running toward his vehicle angered over an unknown incident. The witnesses then observed the defendant enter his vehicle and sit inside the driver's side seat.

"The witnesses then observed the defendant produce a firearm from insice the vehicle, step outside the vehicle, yelling "Get the (DJN: sounds like "cluck") back!" bringing the firearm up with his hand and discharging the firearm three to four times in the parking lot (#6). The listed witnesses fled the scene, fearing for their safety. Further investigation revealed that the witnesses positively identified the defendant. The defendant was then taken into custoday and transported to the Dade County Jail.

"The defendant provided a written confession, stating he was under the influence of alcohol while discharging the firearm." 

The above greets new football operations director Sean Todd, who had the same job at FAU from that program's inception through last season, FAU's first under Carl Pelini.

FIU also announced the hiring of Joe Maggio as video coordinator for the football program.



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What a moron!

I could think of one or two higher profile people I wish they'd dismiss...

The way this mess gets cleaned up starts with firing entertainment athletic director Pedro Garcia. He has led FIU into this filth.

Stop looking the other way Rosenberg. Fat Albert Maury is not giving FIU any money from his daddy in law's Leon medical.

Rosenberg stop allowing Maury to protect Garcia. Rosenberg take control of your university!


I liked Rhodes, nice runner.

Would hesitate to dump all the problems FIU was going to have anyway on the head of a kid who just ruined his year with a dumb mistake.

I bet Sharpie will be down there to console him.

so which coach is the author of WTF Happened FIU 2012 Season?
Too Bad about Rhodes - what a shame, great player and now his future is very cloudy.

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