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RB brings it all back home to FIU

The Toledo Blade's John Wagner scribed a story confirming Bowling Green running back Anthon Samuel, a two-star 2011 recruit who Instagrammed two weeks ago that he was transferring to FIU, will be coming back to Miami. The Miami Pace High graduate ran for 998 yards on 202 carries for Bowling Green last year, and has a wife and child in Opa-Locka. He hopes to get a hardship waiver from the NCAA so he can play this year.

While FIU would love that, especially after jettisoning Kedrick Rhodes, I doubt Samuel gets said waiver. It's the same situation under which FIU tried to get a hardship waiver for wide receiver James Louis two years ago when he transferred from Ohio State to FIU with a child in Delray Beach. The NCAA said "Nah."  The only difference is Louis wasn't established on the roster the way Samuel was at Bowling Green, so the NCAA could interpret the transfer as Louis just wanting to go someplace where he could play (if they ignored that he had, you know, a child he might want to be able to see with a one-hour drive).

It's not about whether or not the waiver makes sense. NCAA enforcement maintains a sometime relationship with common sense. It's about juice. FIU doesn't have any more friends in the Four Letter Organization than it did then, although Bowling Green doesn't have as many friends there as Ohio State does.

That said, if the West Washington Not-So-Wise Men grant the waiver, Jakhari Gore and freshman Silas Spearman both are eligible, that gives FIU a strong group of running backs for this season.



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So whatever happened to Louis?


Hopefully it works out for Anthon and FiU..
Like you said, DJN the major difference is that Anthon was and is a starter, that Is a huge difference between the waiver requests.

But you are forgetting big bruising FB Lemarq Caldwell and Shane Coleman..
Yes indeed the RBs could be strong this year..

Btw, what happened to..Daquan Hargrett transfer from WVU

@FIUPanthersFan @DJN,

There have been 1800 reads on the quotes from the ebook...

I hadn't noticed the count...pretty cool.

Btw, I have had people ask me in pm if I can get a copy...I can't, book has been pulled from amazon and is encrypted on the Kindle... So if interested go to link above

When will we hear the official word on player eligibility? Would love to know for sure if Gore will be available! And great question above... What did happen to Hargrett??

You are famous Chia!!!! Don't forget the little people.

Is Coleman still apart of the team? Rumor says yes!

The ebook was interesting reading... Makes sense that they had the season that they did...

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