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No Rhodes Scholar: starting RB dismissed from the team; LeVay, Miller commit

Kedrick Rhodes, slated to be FIU's starting running back for the third consecutive season, has been dismissed from the team "due to a violation of team policy," according to an athletic department release.

Rhodes violation of team policy occurred late Saturday night/Sunday morning, when he was arrested and booked on charges of discharging a weapon on school property, a second-degree felony, and three misdemeanors including discharging a firearm while under the influence

This means quarterback Jake Medlock will be the team's leading returning rusher (236 yards) with sparingly-used running back Shane Coleman second.

Rhodes ran for 714 yards last year and had 237 receiving yards in nine games despite spending most of the season with two injured ankles. Only wide receiver Wiillis Wright caught more passes or had more receiving yards last season among returning players than Rhodes did.


Tight end/wide receiver Chett LeVay from Tampa Sickles High, 6-3, 195, has committed to FIU, he announced via Twitter.


 Also committing Monday was offensive tackle Chris Miller out of Orlando First Academy. The Orlando Sentinel, which first reported Miller's commitment, ranks him as the No. 51 player in their area.



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This news is saddening to me on many fronts. One, a promising career of a promising young man apparently ruined by an apparent stupid personal decision. Two, an opportunity of POSSIBLY earning a degree while playing Div IA football is squandered. The possibility of bettering a player's life, position and opportunity in this world through sport and education DERAILED. These stories pain me tremendously because very few people get these chances. If this proves to be true & ends Kendrick's FIU football career, let it be a LIFE lesson to all players including Kendrick.

You never see an eagle hang out with pigeons! Don't be a pigeon, SOAR above like an eagle! GO FIU!!!!

Very well stated, Ultimate. Such a shame. It's so disappointing to read this, not just because of the obvious damage it does to our football season, but ultimately, for the kid himself and his immediate/long term future.

Funny how these wannabe thugs just can't learn.

Garbage people with garbage character.

Ever since Cristobal got fired all these incidents start happening that neve happened before during Cristobal's tenure. When is the entertainment athletic director going to be held responsible for the state of this football program? How does Pedro Garcia still have a job?

Where is president Rosenberg in all this? Why hasn't Rosenberg held Garcia responsible for the downfall of the FIU athletic program? FIU basketball goes on NCAA probation thanks to Garcia and his Isiah hire and now football is going down the same road?

Rosenberg, the inmates are running your university and you look like a fool.

And the hits just keep on comin'.

Part of the problem at FIU is the lack of campus life. The majority of the players are broke. There is only so much weights you can lift, only so much film you can watch, and only so many books you can read. FIU, Rosenberg, and the FIU higher ups have done a horrible job at promoting any improvements of campus life. This is the second major incident of violence that has occurred with the FIU Football team, let's not forget Kendall Berry (RIP); which by the way happened under Mario Cristoball. The point is the blame gets spread all the way around. What kind of education are these players receiving when they cant understand the opportunity presented to them. Many of these kids come from the inner city, and you would think that FIU would surround them with mentors; or educate them better.

FIU is currently under an identity crisis. FIU wants to be like UF, and academically has made major strides; but their campus life and athletic program are worse than some local high schools. FIU is far, far, away from creating the all around kind of college experience that you get at UF. Rosenberg, and the higher ups, and FIU police need to be evaluated.

I am extremely disappointing with how it feels there. I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, especially in an economy like this; but Rosenberg you need to get rid of all the UM people who work in the athletic program. Aren't you embarrassed with the athletic program? Your basketball team is again in sanctions. You need to improve campus life, your greek system is a joke; and you people what no idea of how to run a well balance university. Once you do, then you'll be able to a track major talent, which will make your teams win; and get people to go to the games. Like I said, FIU has an identity crises. Hire people who know what they are doing, or please resign.

It is unfortunate for Rhodes because he just threw away an opportunity to get a degree and better himself. Glad the situation wasn't worse and that no one was hurt.

"FIU wants to be like UF, and academically has made major strides; but their campus life and athletic program are worse than some local high schools."

Wow, this is just ridiculous. First of all, I don't think FIU wants to be like UF. I think FIU wants to be like FIU - but a vastly improved FIU. About the high schools having better campus life and athletic programs... Hyperbole - at best. More than likely you haven't stepped foot on campus in quite some time. It's either that, or you're just greatly exaggerating an existing issue that I believe has more to do with student apathy than campus life ineffectiveness.

And it's followed up with this masterpiece:
"FIU is far, far, away from creating the all around kind of college experience that you get at UF."

Well, you don't say? You mean FIU is behind UF in creating a true college feel? Wow. That really is shocking. I mean, how has FIU managed to survive all this time without being more like UF? Man, just don't understand how we haven't reached the same level as the flagship institution of the state that is located in the middle of no where and has been around long before my parents were even born.

Complete and utter crap from you, "Peter." Try again.

I have to agree with PIKEDANNY.

99% of College Students are BROKE during the 4-5 years they are at ANY University (including U.F). As a former student athlete I did not have coaches having to hold my hand 24hrs/day to making sure I dont shoot a GUN on campus while I get hammered at a party. I graduated in 02 and I can proudly say FIU has become bigger and better in many ways since I was competing for the Blue & Gold.

BUT, I also think they have made a few mayor mistakes in the athletic dept (specially as of the last 12months).

Basketball has NCAA probations

Football is about to begin a very low point in their program history for at least 2 years.

Baseball had a below average season for their standards last year.

Track has NO TRACK!

Cross Country does not have a PAID Cross Country Coach.

Band has not gotten bigger in 10 years and lacks energy. Look at Bethune's band when they come to the Cage.

Roary the mascot has NO ENERGY!

For me, it truly hurts to see some of this things happening. My wife and I have been Season Ticket holders since the beginning (and will continue to be) but I hope in the NEAR future we can make some big changes to put us back on track.

As for the UF comments.. Screw U.F. If you want to be a Gator simply take the Turnpike N. Otherwise keep the Panther pride going..

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