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The Naked Bun

No, the FIU football team didn't get its Keys confused, West instead of Biscayne. Nor did they have a Ray Stevens flashback...


...probably because they were too young to remember Ray Stevens.

They apparently just went full monty at the wrong time after a team beach workout. I'll let this statement from FIU head football coach Ron Turner (who could be forgiven if he thinks "head" is short for "headache") tell the story that, contrary to rumor, resulted in no arrests:

"Early this morning, our football team had a workout and barbecue on Crandon Park Beach to conclude our summer conditioning program under the supervision of our strength and conditioning staff. Following the workout, some of our athletes went to rinse off at a designated public shower area and a few of them made a poor decision and changed their clothes in public.

"I want to apologize to the community and anyone who was at the beac this morning for this unfortunate incident. We are committed to helping our student-athletes grow as gentlemen while preparing them for their careers. We are looking into this incident, and if appropriate, will take disciplinary action."


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Finally, some positive press about FIU!

How is this positive?

If I catch you posting under multiple sign-ons, I'll delete the posts.

I'm a little disappointed in Coach Turner's press release. He only mentions the strength and conditioning staff as being at the workout/bbq. By doing this he is passing the buck off and making this their mistake. Very similar to what he did with the strip club incident when he blamed Coach Popovich and the holdover staff. I wonder how his staff feels about it. Either way I really hope the negative press stops and the athletics department gives us some positive news this fall!

See what irony will get you, Buc? I'm more interested in DJN's take on the "inappropriately titled" expose of last year's meltdown. ChiaPanther has done an admirable job of summarizing the now unavailable book, but I am still unsure what the author says is the core of the issue. So what if MC threw a fit and drew a penalty during a game, a cheapo plane was delayed for another, one linebacker was a jerk, and a substitute skill player moody and selfish? Maybe the point is that the head coach was unable to quash this and that problem and have everybody singing kum ba yah after losses as well as wins, but I would be surprised if most schools in the bottom two-thirds of Div 1 football did not have problem kids on the roster, marginal coaches in some positions, and cash flow issues. So is that the bottom line in the author's view: MC just could not lead? Just curious. I'd pay the $5 and read for myself if I could. DJN? Chia?

My understanding was that moderators could see the IP addresses of the people who post on their blogs.

I've only ever used this name here, didn't write either of the posts below mine, no idea what DJ Neal is on about.

fire pete gacria julie berg and mark Rosenberg this place is a koke!!

did YOU read the book, Buc? I'm curious to know what someone of moderation thinks the point of it was.

Buc, I didn't say a thing regarding you. I just found someone posting under three different names, deleted all those posts and reminded folks that's what I'll do if I find that happening.

Diagodog, I'm not sure what the point was other than a large shout of frustration by the author, akin to writing an angry e-mail just to let the emotions out, then deleting it. Except, in this case, the e-book was published. As for the "bottom line," fans always want a nice, neat summary when things go wrong. They want the single shooter, an Oswald. That's sitcom life. Here in the real world, when things go badly wrong, many factors go into the lousy product. Actor Morgan Freeman was asked in a documentary what went wrong on movies he worked on that he could tell would fail. He said, "You know how several things have to go wrong for a plane to crash?" That's what happened with last season and most disappointing seasons. Everybody had a piece of that action.

Thanks David. I saw a couple of posts by those suggesting they had read the book, to the effect that "if we had known all this, it would have made the firing of MC easier to stomach." And yet what I read in Chia's stolid summary did not seem to indict MC in any particularly grievous way. I still like my own theory: when you lose a player of the caliber of T.Y. Hilton, then a lot of things have to go right to make up for it. Obviously, that did not happen. Onward. Good luck to Coach Turner.

BTW, Buc, I didn't think DJN was singling you out, either. Re: "see what irony will get you," I was referring to your "finally some good news" comment to which one intrepid reader inquired "how is that good news?" Along those lines, couldn't we get SOME good news out of Camp Mitch? "Dazzlers Ink Beyonce," "Roary Bulks Up," "Budget Staffer Finds Quarter Under Drink Machine." ANYthing?

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