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TY in SI


Here's a link to the video that's a companion to Jim Trotter's story in the July 29 Sports Illustrated on former FIU star T.Y. Hilton.

It's hard not to think of Hilton when hearing the Dolphins defensive backs talk about how much speed has been added to the receiving corps this year...a year after the Dolphins left Hilton on the board.  


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I hope he blows the top off expectations this year. A good kid, and watching him play for FIU was such a treat. It did not matter who the competition was--Kansas, Alabama, even Troy--he was genuinely a threat to score any time he touched the ball. Pretty easy to see, in retrospect, that he was virtually singlehandedly responsible for...[the rest of this post has been deleted by DJN's repetition filter--this person has reached the limit of the number of times that he can say that T.Y. Hilton carried MC on his shoulders throughout his college career.]

^^^ lol..

Goodluck TY

Also on the video is Former Miami Herald employee who so nicely informed us to the Heralds hate towards FIU.

I will not write his name for I may also have my comment deleted.

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