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VIDEO: FIU QB Jake Medlock speaks at Conference USA Media Day

Here's an interview with FIU quarterback Jake Medlock at the Conference USA Media Day Wednesday afternoon in Irving, Texas.



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Seems to be a good kid. Here is hoping he actually IS called upon to run more in a certain situation though, ie, fourth and an inch, and from under center. If it happens, I hope there is a collective cheer from the peanut gallery. Anybody note that yesterday's Herald Sports ran a front page story on the stunning news that one of the other colleges in town signed a two-star linebacker recruit? Come on, man.

Lots of bashing of the Herald lately. Here is my (fair) opinion..

As most of you know my wife and I are Golden Panthers through Bowl wins and through what we are about to experience in a few weeks. Im also NOT a supporter of the Herald (and have cancelled my membership 4months after Pete left to F.I.U).

BUT, I think Neal does a good job covering what is going on with FIU athletics. Like someone mentioned before, as for the last 12months there is not much POSITIVE going on with FIU athletics. We have an amazing Womens Basketball Player, and new Sand Volleyball Team, and a few other good things. But Shooting a gun, walking naked at the beach, paying a Pole Vault coach to "Coach" the Cross Country team instead of paying a real Cross Country coach that money will always be front news regardless of the university. Just look at Ohio State.

What I HATE about the Herald is the lack of coverage they put out when something great happens at FIU. Instead they print TWO pages about a 2-Star recruit U.M just picked up. One of many reasons why the Hearld is worst Newspaper in the state of Florida. As for High school coverage its even worst.

Go Panthers!


That two star player was also recruited by FIU COACH RON TURNER...and wehad offered

So I guess, this means he must be good.

Oh well, I am sure that the next two star recruit we sign will merit the same treatment by the paper.

You know what DJN, maybe you weren't on vacation for 2 months from the Herald, but you haven't covered FIU. As for what's been happening at FIU. Well the most recent thing was a book by a purported ex FIU coach. Your only coverage of which was a paragraph on a blog post and a question to which the answer was "no comment" from Pete Garcia. That's great journalism right there. I mean, find out who the author is, write about what was alleged, what is Ron Turner feel about it and what is he going to do. What else have you missed, well you're right, nothing has been going on at FIU lately and that in itself is a story. Where are the 2013 schedules, why are we one of thew few schools with no professional radio coverage (and frankly based on Andre's "fantastic" coverage of media days, even print media coverage), who has Coach Evans hired as assistants (not on the FIU site and one that was hired left and another is rumored to have a troubled history). So you see, there are no FIU news to people who don't care to see past the surface, but to anyone who does and is actually interested, well to those people there are plenty of questions that have not been answered.

Yep, my only coverage on the e-book was one paragraph...aside from the full blogpost on it FROM MY VACATION! I'm sorry I didn't devote my vacation to finding out who wrote the book. ("Vacation" is usually a time when you leave work alone. You seem very unclear on this...). What Ron Turner thinks about it is irrelevant. The entire coaching staff, football ops department and almost every player significantly mentioned, save Medlock, Hilliard and Isame, are gone. No, I haven't covered FIU (eye roll). I didn't write about the athletic department's academic issues presented before the Board of Trustees (including the first out-and-out statement that, yes, they would get an NCAA postseason ban in hoops and, yes, they're worried about similar punishments for the football program) and why there are issues. I didn't write about any football commits. I didn't write about Kedrick Rhodes, Winston Fraser, etc. I didn't write about anything having to do with baseball, volleyball, basketball, softball, etc. "Nothing has been going on lately?" you say? You apparently read sarcasm where there was none. There's been enough going on that I'm greeted with "they keep you busy over there!" by the other sports media in town who notice FIU. If you don't like the job I'm doing, sorry.

I understand what vacation is. It's the last couple of months of FIU coverage. Thank you for the list of articles you've written for the past couple of moths. Apparently writing 1/2 a week on your main assignment makes you some sort if superhero at the herald. First I said that the reason that there wasn't coverage was because you were on vacation, you threw a tantrum, then I said its because you weren't interested. It's one or the other but if you think the amount if volume of FIU coverage it's sufficient then I'm here to tell you that you are wrong. BTW I actually like your articles, its the reason I want MORE of them and MORE aboyt FIU. Also you might want to cover the book you should see the traffic that Chias summary generated. Clearly your readers would be interested.

Thank you for telling me what my main assignment is at The Herald. Silly me who's been in this job at this paper for 24 years thought when I was down to, say, cover Marlins games, my main assignment that day was to, you know, cover the Marlins. By the way, before you impugn my work ethic or how well I do my job, go back and find the last Herald writer who wrote both a sports opinion column and a news or feature story each day for four of five consecutive days. And realize my job title is "Staff Writer" not "Staff Writer Specializing in FIU." Finally, if you really have a problem, call Jorge Rojas at 305-376-3213 or Alex Mena at 305-376-3493. Now, have a Coke and a smile...


Professionalism at its best. Did you really reply to a comment from one of your readers like that? WOW, GROW UP!! COME ON MAN! Where did the Herald get this guy? Please find someone who is mature and does not act like a little child when criticized.

If a coach or player I cover feels criticism is unfair, he can respond to me. Heck, I'll run it verbatim if he or she wants. But I'm not allowed to respond to a reader who A) rips me for taking summer vacation and not working enough during vacation and B) accuses me of apathy and tries to tell me what my long-held job is (as an editor jokes that I'm the only one writing for the section these days?)? Imagine a customer came to your job and did the same. You wouldn't take it silently. I see no reason I should. My response was more measured than some other bloggers' would be. Oh, and to answer the question you asked here and elsewhere under another name (pick one and stay with it): Indiana University in 1989.

@FIUPanthersFan @DJN,

There have been 1800 reads on the quotes from the ebook...

I hadn't noticed the count...pretty cool.

Btw, I have had people ask me in pm if I can get a copy...I can't, book has been pulled from amazon and is encrypted on the Kindle... So if interested go to link above...

You need to cool your jet. I rather have a writer who replies to my opinion or criticism than a writer who doesn't respond at all. IMO DJN is doing a fine job here. I like the fact that he doesn't sugarcoat everything. But like FIUPantherFan said, some of us enjoy DJN's blog so much that we just want more. It's getting harder to please readers nowadays lol...wouldn't you say so DJN?

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