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Who'll be there Aug. 5? Who'll be there Aug. 31?

Wide receiver Glenn Coleman's been practicing with the team. So have several others I heard could be out for the first four games or the whole season because of academic deficiencies.

I asked some folks who know FIU and know about college football eligibility about this. One who has rarely steered me wrong came back with this answer: "You can bring everyone to camp. And with players being dismissed/transferring, they need to bring everybody they have. With appeals and grade changes (shady business), you might not know true eligiblity until as late as the day before the first game. Especially for kids like the Bowling Green RB."

Training camp begins Monday.




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Besides Coleman who are the others in question? Is there a formula for this process or a committee that arbitrarily decides on the eligibility? If it's based on a formula, shouldn't they know by the time summer grades are released?

Didn't the ebook say that these guys suffered from a sense of entitlement? You have a kid here that is obviously struggling with academics and have been for most his career at FIU. With the demands of practice, wouldn't one think that he should probably just focus on academics for awhile. If not mistaken, he left at the start of summer A and returned for Summer B? Does this make any sense at all? I do recall the ebook saying that some the guys that were struggling in academics would blow off Summer A classes. Sounds like the same old tune. Coach, forget these nuckle heads and give someone else a chance thats are actually what you call student-athletes. You have a group of walk-ons that contributed last year and are representing FIU the right way in class & on and off the field. Football is a team sport and only as strong as the weakest link. Seems too me that the sense of entitlement is being fostered by the coaching staff and taken advantage of by some players.

I've seen ineligible guys practicing with the team every year in the spring, camp, and during the season. It is a shame the school doesn't release that information but I do understand why they don't...I just want to know!

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My son took part of the junior ORange Bowl free clinic last year...It was hosted at FiUStadium and worked by the then coaches and now former coaches and staff...

“For every negative incident that is reported by the media today there are at least 12 positive incidents that go unreported,” Todd said. “An example of something that has gone unreported is that the Orange Bowl is going to bring between 300 and 400 children for a free camp to learn about football.”
-published on FIUSM, quoting Director of football Sean Todd

I'm glad we are still hosting the Event...Kudos to Coach Turner. After all we are the real University of Miami...one day our community will realize that.

Do you know if this has already taken place?

As per your "report" above, yes all players can take part of practices...it has always happened.

@FIUBlue1 the book did talk about the entitled feeling of players and singled out a few that are gone and some that are still here... I'm not too worried, it looks like the malcontents are slowly trickling out of the program. By the way PantherRage is reporting that if Turners commits so far all holds come feb. 2014, that this may be one of best class ever.

As for the walk ons... They don't contribute to the APR, only scholarship athletes do. As such, the athletic department must continue to ensure as many players remain eligible as much as possible...

As always..Go Panthers.

Glad to see Antwan Barnes dedicating this season to CW! I hate the Jets but want to see Barnes have his best year in the NFL this year.

Chia, I was just answering questions about possibly ineligible players and when we'd know about their eligibility.

Sean Todd knows full well there are football camps all over the place held by high school coaches, college programs, the Dolphins, etc. And that every team at FIU and most college programs around the country, teams do community service. The vast majority of that goes unreported unless it's really above and beyond. Players in a high profile sport get arrested and we find out, it's going to be reported. He's been in the business long enough to know that's the way it is.

You know how I feel about recruiting class rankings. I'll give them as they happen, but you know we really don't know anything until about three years after the kids sign. Look at who's already gone from the 2012 FIU recruiting class. The 2013 class could turn out better.

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