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August 24, 2013

Saturday at the close

You can't tell much from a team doing a Shields & Yarnell of a full game day, from pregame warmups to game-ending kneel down.

That's the way FIU spent the last half of Saturday's practice, the final practice of training camp. Monday starts classes and the first game week for this coaching staff at FIU and so many FIU players in Division I college football. This was the time to get such basics down as what order warmup drills will be, who should be sitting/standing where on the sideline, everybody on each special teams unit getting onto the field when necessary, etc.

Again, the more notable stuff came from who did and didn't do what in this trot through and in the 7-on-7 drills beforehand.

Quick digression: the current FIU roster distributed Saturday didn't include senior wide receiver Willis Wright. Wright wouldn't be rejoining the team until Monday at the earliest anyway. But his removal from the roster backs up what I put on yesterday afternoon's blog post.

As was the case Friday, cornerback Richard Leonard did nothing in either with the first or second team or any of the return units The starting cornerbacks in the 7-on-7s were senior Sam Miller and sophomore Jeremiah McKinnon. In the Marcel Marceau part of practice, it was Miller and Brad Hyman-Muhammad. Joining Leonard in the Hat in the Hand Brigade Saturday was senior wide receiver Glenn Coleman, who had been working mainly with the second team with guest appearances on the first team.

Two defensive linemen have been absent from the rotation recently. Junior defensive end Giovani Francois has suffered an injury, according to Turner, won't play at Maryland but will be back for the home opener against Central Florida. On the second team, sophomore Darrian Dyson hasn't been taking snaps there, replaced by Lars Koht.

Redshirt sophomore Clinton Taylor lined up with redshirt sophomore T.J. Lowder and sophomore DeAndre Jasper when the first team went three-wide in the mock game. Though redshirt junior Justin Halley wore the Home Depot-colored jersey again, as he has all week, he and Demarkus Perkins lined up as the safeties in the mock game.

The running backs seem to be Shane Coleman, Lamarq Caldwell, Alfonso Randolph, Silas Spearman and Talir Satterfield Rowe. That'll be a fluid group, based on who's hot and who can hold onto the ball.



Book return

The e-book on the 2012 FIU season is back on Amazon.


As far as two of the most memorable scenes: before the book came out, I'd heard from an FIU source about the meeting between the coaching staff and E.J. Hilliard. Since then, several others have confirmed that the book's account of the meeting is close to court record. The postgame locker room bout between strength and conditioning coach Chad Smith and receivers coach Frank Ponce also went down.

The Louisiana-Lafayette trip's details didn't include Chad Moss, senior vice presdient of Moss Construction, builders of the new dorms across the street from the stadium, getting off the plane in exasperation during the hours-long delay before takeoff. Allegedly, the FIU graduate and FIU Foundation board member declared as he left that the non-trip ended his support of FIU athletics.

As for who wrote the book, initially, I heard a few "It must be (former recruiting coordinator) Dennis Smith" declarations from those close to or formerly close to the program. Nobody's raising their hand, though, because, as one assistant said to me, the book coming so soon after the season from an inside person, felt like a violation of implied privacy code.



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