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Crawford out, too

Senior defensive end Paul Crawford, demoted from the first team over a week ago, now isn't making the travel roster for Saturday's football season opener at Maryland. FIU coach Ron Turner wouldn't elaborate on whether this was behavorial (I don't get the idea Crawford's entirely endeared himself to the staff) or health. It could be both.

Whether or not Crawford would've been an impact player on defense, his 6-8 height and Elongated Man length up the middle definitely can affect field goal attempts. He blocked several during training camp.




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FIU.....couldn't beat Miami Central H.S. or BTW H.S. Bad...but all 4 fans at their games should be impressed with them.

Francois out, Crawford out, a position of strength just got weaker...

Looks like greg should have been addressing the upperclassman.

Eric the red neck. Please share with the readers what Division 1 football ball team offered you a full scholarship to play football... It would be interesting to know since you are such a football buff.

Don't you know that EriktheRed played alongside Sinbad and Scott Bakula with the Texas Armadillos...

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