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Depth and losses

The first football depth chart of the season. Let's take a look, shall we?

Quarterback: Jake Medlock, E.J. Hilliard, Travis Wright because Israel Paopao has what looks like a high ankle sprain. Othewise, Paopao would be No. 3.

Running back: Shane Coleman, Lamarq Caldwell, Alfonso Randolph, Talir Satterfield-Rowe, Silas Spearman. Anthon Samuel is listed last. The uncertainty on his waiver might be matched by uncertainty about his head (I haven't seen much of him since his concussion).

Fullback: Caldwell, Jordan Gibbs, Jorge Lorenzo. For when they use a fullback and feel like using a fullback instead of moving a tight end back to fullback or just going three-wide or one-back, double tight end.

Wide receiver: Clinton Taylor, DeAndre Jasper, Dominique Rhymes, Fred Porter. Taylor's had a good camp and got the reps when T.J. Lowder went down with a shoulder injury.

Wide receiver: T.J. Lowder, Shug Oyegunle, Jairus Williams, Richard Burrows. Notice, overall, the smaller speed guys (Taylor, Jasper, Lowder, Oyegunle) got placed ahead of the long-limbed skyscrapers (Rhymes, Williams). If that remains the case, FIU might put a pinch more spread into its overall offense.

That also means Glenn Coleman's size and physicality supplement to his speed could be missed. 

Tight end: Cory White, Jonnu Smith, Zach Schaubhut, Ya'keem Griner, Akil Dan-Fodio, The Tight End Field. It's not just depth chart games that say White, the transfer from the University of Miami, and freshman Smith have passed last year's tight ends, Schaubhut and Griner. White and Smith have been getting the most first team reps.

Left tackle: David Delsoin, Dieugot Joseph. There's a big dropoff between the two, just on experience -- Joseph just converted from defensive end in the spring.

Left guard: Delmar Taylor, Jordan Budwig. The freshman Budwig was taking the first team reps Monday and throughout last week.

Center: Donald Senat, Byron Pinkston, Michael Montero, Danny Nunez. Montero, wearer of a Home Depot injury jersey for two weeks, lined up with the second team Monday with Pinkston at right guard.

Right guard: Jordan White, Trenton Saunders, James Cruise. I'm not sure White's OK. He spent Monday on the sideline while Saunders trotted through things with the first team.

Right tackle: Aaron Nielsen, Edens Sineace, Julian Rodriguez.

As for the defense...

Defensive end: Michael Wakefield, Paul Crawford, Cody Horstman, Darrious Cook. Tall Paul needs to get it together. NFL scouts checking out FIU for Isame Faciane and Greg Hickman also will form an opinion on him.

Defensive tackle: Greg Hickman, Lars Koht.

Defensive tackle: Isame Faciane, Leonard Washington, Imarjaye Albury. You'll notice the absence of Darrian Dyson and Marques Cheeks. Cheeks has been wearing the Great Pumpkin jersey lately. Not sure if Dyson's issues are academic or behavior, but he's as conspicuous by his absence on the depth chart as a guy his size is on the sideline.

Defensive end: Denzell Perine, Paul Crawford, Wonderful Monds II. FIU sources confirm would-be starter Giovani Francois definitely is injured, but could be back for the home opener against Central Florida.

Linebacker: Luis Rosado, Caleb Vincent, Jordan Guest.

Linebacker: Markeith Russell, Treyvon Williams, Josh Glanton, Leroy Owens. Betting pool to liven up the season for hardcore fans: pick the game when the freshman Williams takes the starting job from Russell.

Linebacker: Davison Colimon, Derrick Jones, Jr., Linebacker Field.

Cornerback: Sam Miller, Randy Harvey, Sam Gervais, Wilkenson Myrtil.

Cornerback: Brad Hyman-Muhammad, Jeremiah McKinnon, Randy Havey, Xavier Hines, Richard Leonard. At least Leonard's on the depth chart. Obviously, if he's cleared to play this week or after the first four games, he'll be atop this position.

Free safety: Justin Halley, Mitch Wozniak, Jordan Davis, Antwoine Bell.

Strong safety: Demarkus Perkins, Terrance Taylor, Deonte Wilson, Vontarius West.

Kicker: Sergio Sroka, Austin Taylor, Cody Hodgens. This could be a fluid position...

Punter: Chris Ayers, Karson Dietrich. ...so could this one, although I'd bet more on the kickers changing. Ayers established a big advantage early.

Long snapper: Brandon Taylor, Sam Medlock. No surprise.

Placekick holder: Zach Schaubhut, Chris Ayers. Schaubhut showed better hands than Ayers and, as a former quarterback, puts the threat into fake field goals or botched snap fire drills. Ayers arm recalls Garo Yepremian's.

Punt returner: Sam Miller

Kickoff returners: Sam Miller, DeAndre Jasper. 


Confirmed that star senior forward Chelsea Leiva suffered a knee injury that might prove to end her season before it begins. Each of her previous three years, Leiva led FIU in scoring on the way to All-Sun Belt honors.



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